PS3 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' ups graphical ante once again


"PS3 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' ups graphical ante once againThis generation is finally starting to heat up. Not only is the number of must-have games being released starting to peak, these games are graphically blowing out of the water what has come before. While God of War 3 is looking fine and dandy, it could be that it's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that is set to once again up the visuals ante.

What do you think? Will it be this game, God of War 3, or another that ups the graphical ante once again? Is the PS3 finally showing its power or is the Xbox 360 managing to keep up with it so far? As always, let us know in the comments section."

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Cyrax_873250d ago

KZ2 already beats the 360 in the graphics department. Hopefully the 360 will match it soon though (Alan Wake?).

PirateThom3250d ago

While I don't doubt Alan Wake will be a good game, so far, all we've seen is the game running on a PC and it didn't really match those early target renders.

There's still time, but I don't think Alan Wake will be the graphical behemoth people are expecting, not on 360 anyway.

GamerPS3603250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Valkyrie Chronicles. Best graphic :D

Seriously, It has beautiful eye pleasing graphics with very good strategic gameplay. I just started playing it and loving it. I like RPG more than other genre and this game is just pure gold to me. Awesome and Thank you Sega and Sony.
Mass effect was also the best game I played on 360. Even with framrate and screen tearing problem nothing can beat Mass effect for me on 360.

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Hydrolex3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

but Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, GOw3, GT5 and ... say ALAN go sit down on the bottom of the list

Yes Uncharted 1 was the game that proofed pS3 graphics are the best

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SL1M DADDY3250d ago

I must admit, owning both consoles that the PS3 sure does have the best looking line up of upcoming titles this year. I don't just mean game that look appealing, I mean games that make me cry tears of joy when I see just how beautiful they are.

SaiyanFury3250d ago

I seem to notice a trend emerging; Sony's exclusive games outing the 360 when it comes to graphics. Yes, the 360 is a modern system, save the proprietary wireless adapter, HDD, and lack of a current high capacity optical drive, and it has many great looking games. But it's the ones on the PS3 that really bring the HD experience to the forefront. It was Psygnosis (aka Sony Liverpool) that brought us the fast and furious WipeOut HD in 1080p at a constant rate of 60FPS. Kojima-san figured out how to best run MGS4 on the PS3. SEGA has the beautiful Valkyria Chronicles with it's magnificent CANVAS engine. Polyphony Digital blew us away with the stellar 1080p gameplay in GT5P. The original Uncharted was a new staple for me in terms of cinematic gameplay, that I've not seen reproduced anywhere yet. I've got some awesome games on my 360, in the form of the original Ninja Gaiden 2, and several others, but the PS3 games seem to edge them out. With my previously predicted, and now confirmed Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 coming out, there's even more reasons to be excited to be a PS gamer. The 360 is an awesome system, some games I have on it that'll never show a PS3 presence. But for the exclusive games, there's virtually no comparison.

talltony3250d ago

looks better than anything on 360 period! Once 360 can even match uncharted 1's quality then we'll talk.

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Cajun Chicken3250d ago

Since Uncharted and R&C in 2007 I have seen nothing but the PS3 up the ante in graphics. It's as if the 360 has purely given up for the last two years with first party titles. The Unreal Engine fails to 'wow' me anymore.

Calvin_ISA3250d ago

I was just gonna say since Uncharted, but R&CF:ToD was a very impressive looking game. :D

morganfell3250d ago

Not only that but the enhancements shown for U3 at GDC failed to impress. Unless Epic does something to reinvigorate their market (and I know what that something is) then they are on their way out as the king. But whether they do that certain something won't change the fact they are already a has been.

For me, R&C delivered what MS talked about - Toy Story Graphics.

Why o why3250d ago

sony studios are fighting amongst themselves for the graphical crown, kinda like a royal rumble

sunnygrg3250d ago

Sheesh, thats what happens when you rely on an outdated Unreal engine that depends entirely on a teenager's affinity to huge bulky hormone-charged men wielding big guns looking like a cigar smoking redneck extremist.

artgamer3250d ago

I don't know if Uncharted 2 will look better than GOW3 or vice versa, one thing's for sure though: it's all happening on PS3 exclusively.

Best graphics might even go to heavy rain, another PS3 exclusive :)

xabmol3250d ago

iF, ICO, R&C, U2, GoW3, HR

*hugs PS3*

onijutsu3250d ago

how did you manage to look at the ico game? I mean there is only that teaser image, i geuss thats enough lol :P

The_Beast3250d ago

its.. so simple..and i have a feeling Sony is ganna get mass affect 2 like how ms did with FF13 on 360

xabmol3249d ago

SotC came out in 2005.

Fumito Ueda was at GDC and will be at E3.

Math isn't my best subject, but I'm not an idiot. :P

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