PS3Evolved Review: Wheel of Fortune

PS3E writes: "If you've ever watched the show before, you pretty much know how to play this game, but for those of you who haven't, let's recap. Basically, there are three contestants. Each one spins a wheel that has dollar amounts and bankruptcy wedges on the board. When you land on a dollar amount you have to guess a letter to fill in a blank puzzle. The puzzle has one clue that will help you solve it. So, if you guess "S" and there are four of them you get that dollar amount times four. You have to use your money to buy vowels in between turns. so as you are doing this you're building a bankroll, but if you spin the wheel and land on bankruptcy, you lose it all and lose a turn. You can also choose to solve the puzzle. If you guess it correctly, you get all the money in your bankroll. There are three rounds after the last round whoever has the most money, wins and gets to go to the prize round to earn tons of money."

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