Rumor: Katamari rolls onto next-gen consoles

".....the potential word that a new Katamari game will be hitting the next-gen consoles later this year. Dubbed Beautiful Katamari, the latest addition to the franchise will supposedly debut on October 17 for the low, low price of $39.99...."


Rumors - title may also appear on xbox360 and Wii

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_insane_cobra4173d ago

How is that related only to PS3?

Ps3Fanboy7774173d ago

Didnt Sony and Namco just merge to make exclusive games for the Ps3?

AllroundGamer4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

another great PS3 exclusive :) ...another one released in fall 2007 :(

FordGTGuy - sure sure, and xbox360 has every month a AAA game lol

FordGTGuy4173d ago

Listen to the 1up Yours Show.

MaximusPrime4173d ago

imagine playing that using motion setting ;)

Evoluti0n4173d ago

"new Katamari game will be hitting the next-gen consoles later this year." Lifted straight from the site, means this is a PS3 exclusive...learn to read.

eclipsegryph4173d ago

How do you get "PS3 exclusive" from "...hitting the next gen consoles..."? If anything it means that Sony lost their exclusivity with Katamary, since the rumor is it is coming out for the PS3, X-Box 360 and the Wii.

XxZxX4173d ago

There could a chance than blockbuster is wrong and there could be a chance that joystiq is wrong too. so I think i will wait for the announcement instead.

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