"Totally badass," hardcore third-party Wii to be revealed soon

Hardcore Wii owners can expect a treat next month, as a "totally badass" third-party game is on the way.

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qface643547d ago

sounds good as long as this so called game doesn't get revealed april 1st then its all good :D

TheAntiFanboy3546d ago

Yeah, remember what they called "totally hardcore" last time? Wii Sports Resort.

gfg. It ain't happening.

Seferoth753546d ago

Anti shouldnt be anywhere in your name.. Can you provide a link to where Nintendo said "Wii Sportrs resort is hardcore.". Nah nm dont bother. You see what you fail to understand is that NIntendo says core not hardcore and they are not talking about hardcore gamers liek you mean when they say core gamers. For someone who claims to be anti fanboy you sure act like one.

Smacktard3547d ago

Matt said that Excitebots was gonna be totally awesome and badass and a game that every Wii owner should be excited about. He's STILL saying that. I dunno, looks kind of stupid how you have to play minigames while you race.

nintendostar3547d ago

next month will be April as in April fools

qface643546d ago

april fools is like in 2 or 3 days i think not in a month
1 day doesn't account for the whole month

so hopefully ign isn't fooling

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The story is too old to be commented.