Nintendo DSi VS. Nintendo DS Lite : Side-by-side Comparison

Wondering how the new Nintendo DSi compares against the Nintendo DS Lite? Here's a side by side comparison of a white Nintendo DS Lite (MSRP $129.99) versus the new Nintendo DSi in Matte Black (MSRP $169.99). See several DS Lite versus DSi comparison pictures.

New features to the Nintendo DS series with the DSi:
- Screens are larger
- Thinner
- Two cameras. One camera is on the external body. Another camera in the inside hinge points at you.
- 10 different interactive "lenses" that manipulate your photos (via software).
- Nintendo DSi Shop: Nintendo DSiWare (like Wii Shop) will support downloadable games, starting at 200 points ($2).
- Nintendo DSi Sound application: record your voice and alter it.
- An SD card slot.
- Plays AAC format audio off any standard SD Card.
- DS cards are now hot-swappable. No need to shut down to switch cartridges.

What is missing from the DSi, which is on the DS Lite hardware:
- No Game Boy Advance slot (can't play GBA games).
- No rumble/vibration. With no Game Boy Advance slot, the Rumble Pak can't be used. It's not built into the DSi hardware either.

Another thing to note is that the DSi is not compatible with import DSi games.

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