PS3 Gamers Vs. 360 Gamers: Online, Who Would Win?

"With the recent release of online membership statistics for both the PS3 and 360, gamers need to realize that there is a lot of competition out there. The PSN has 20 million users and Xbox Live has 17 million gold members. This is great for gamers on their respective consoles, however, what if these networks combined? I think this could not only benefit gamers, but publishers as well."

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ThatCanadianGuy3546d ago

PS3 Gamers of course.

Our far superior intellect and natural killing skills would be more then a match for some kids group T-bagging a dead body.

KionicWarlord2223546d ago

all by preference of people thinking there the best.

swiftshot933546d ago

lol thatcanadianguy got it right. I remember thats all that happened in Halo 3 multiplayer LOL.

GiantEnemyCrab3546d ago

haha.. Sounds like someone is bitter.. Were you on the receiving end of those teabags 420.. ;)

talltony3546d ago

owners would win. the dual shock 3 controllers joysticks are more sensative than the 360's joysticks. This is a fact so do research if you dont beleive me. that faster someone can turn around in a FPS game the more of a advantage they have against you.

AngryTypingGuy3546d ago

360 owners would win. The 360's controller is made for shooters. For many PS3 games, you press the R1 button to shoot. WTF? Use the trigger button, it feels way more natural. Not to mention, 360 owners have enjoyed online play for a longer period of time, are more experienced, smarter, look better, and get more girls. ;-D

There. There's my worthless argument based on nothing to go along with all of your worthless arguments based on nothing. Here's the real question: why is this even an article, because it will never happen, and there's no way to prove who's better. It just designed for a flame war, that's all.

borgome3546d ago

Congrats on the only intelligent comment in here, this site is so overrun with PS3 fantards its ridiculous. Over half of the playstation owners I know would rather be playing with a keyboard and mouse because most of them are techi computer nerds at heart.

MaximusPrime3546d ago

you just reminded me why i quit xbox.

that Halo 2 was the last online game i played. That annoying foulmouthed kid. "your mom" this, "your mom" that, "f*** you"
its those dumb 13 years old kids joining online to swear and not to enjoy the game.

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jakinov3546d ago

because they can all communicate together with their headsets and use team work to win.

boodybandit3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Honest question. Why? Because more often than not I would say it's 50/50 on most mutliplayer games that people have headsets on XBL. Whether they don't wear them on purpose because of all the nonsense or their old headsets broke and they don't purchase new ones.

Either way your logic is flawed. I noticed over the past year or so that more and more XBL gamers are not plugged into voice communication. I myself am always plugged in but I only actually wear it if online with friends or there is a decent group of people on the server at the time. I really can do without all the teen spewing nonsense that ruins online gaming.

Oh btw. Don't give us this whole team communication support online in any game. Most people are out for themselves and don't give a rats ass about team play. They are just out for personal glory.

Edit: Disagree away but have the balls to leave a response at to why you disagree and tell me what games you have played on XBL recently where most people use voice communication. If not you are only proving me correct. I game all the time on XBL, mostly shooters, and more often than not it's a 50/50 split to people wearing headsets. A good deal of those people are in private or party chat.

Battlefield Bad Company: good luck if you hear a soul.
Gears 2 I would say one out of 4 players talk on average.
COD4 50/50 split.
Halo 3 A lot of people talk but it's usually people telling you to stay the hell out of their way and leave certain weapons alone you freaking noobs. <-- Tell me I am wrong.

Guys I have played them all. Voice communication is completely overrated on XBL. You have to rely on friends to team up with that will play as a team to have decent games any more. Most average XBL players are out for themselves and padding their own stats. I can't keep it any more real than that. I am just being honest here.

Rip-Ridah3546d ago

Although some may not like the new game Confrontation, Socom is a franchise that many diehards take EXTREMELY seriously. I have a Clicc of Brothas (C.O.B. clan tag) that have been united since 2003. I have a feeling that there would be very competitive contest.


Flipfito3546d ago

that comment wasnt really offence but did you know u can put any blu tooth device on the Playstation and they also have there own official Blu tooth headset that was proved better than the 360's headset....m not a fanboy but you need to think before you say something like that

PS3istheshit3546d ago

360 people have no lives
my friend told me that some little kids scream and everything if they lose and one guy got so pissed off he said he would kill himself if he lost
that is F-ed up
im glad i got a PS3
its fun to trash talk people or jus talk
ive literally seen 3 kids with really high voices and none of them scream like little girls
but some mics are really bad and they mke annoying sounds
but theres always a mute button

SiLeNt KNighT3546d ago

obviously ps3 players would win. they dont have to deal with a RROD in the middle of battle.

on a real note, it would be the same outcome. both have excellent players. Ive played online a ton on both consoles and the experience level is the same imo. its impossible to combine them the way the networks work but that would be the only way to really know. otherwise you can say one console has better players because they dont have to deal with elite players.

y0haN3546d ago

The answer is neither because they can't play together. End of discussion.

SIdepocket3546d ago


Since the new Xbox OS came out its been noticeably quieter in games. That's because most people are in a party and using party chat to communicate. It's one huge advantage Live has over the PSN network (that and the horrendous sound quality that PSN has)

Personally since Killzone 2 came out I can't use a headset on PSN anymore, the screaming kids are obnoxious.

Shepherd 2143546d ago

LOL Xbox 360 gamers would WIPE THE FLOOR of PS3 gamers.

Why do you think all of MLG's flagship titles are 360 games? 360 games like Halo 3 and the first Gears of War require much more raw skill and require a much more competitive and aggressive tilt to be good at. I swear to god this isnt even up for debate. A team of level 50 Generals in Halo 3 who earned their rank would dominate. A team of veteran Gears of War players would spank anyone who thinks the are good at playing Resistance 2 online or Socom. Lol. End of Story fanboys. But really it would just depend on who plays what game i guess.

Shepherd 2143546d ago

The reason you dont see as much players talking on XBL is because most of them are in party chat. Obviously if they are in party chat they cant communicate with anyone in the room. They may be communicating with some people on their team in party chat, or with completely different people in other games. I do it sometimes too. Like, if im on a 4 person team in Halo 3, im almost always in party chat, and chances are im either talking to my whole team in party chat, some of my team in party chat, or none at all and im talking to people playing RE5 or Fallout 3 while im playing Halo 3. I think the whole "out for themselves" thing could apply to any game, on any platform just as much. Counterstrike on PC, Resistance on PS3, etc.

LastDance3546d ago

The 360 has an unfair disadvantage in street fighter.

SL1M DADDY3546d ago

Gaming online is gaming online and no matter what chat options you have it's all the same in the end. If you took the best of the best on Live and the same on PSN it would be a pretty tight match up. Gamers online will learn the same technique no matter the platform, at least with consoles. Now PC, that is a different story IMHO.

NIGHT_HAWK32103546d ago

i play CoD on both systems and xbox has way more skilled players than ps3. anyways if the gamers did battle, ps3 would be so outnumbered anyways.

AssassinHD3546d ago

Well that would just give us more targets to shoot :)

Ahmay3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

because cross game chat would allow dead people telepathy with the living. (the guy by the tree just killed me, go get him)

create a server... "The Fanboy Wars"

cactuschef3546d ago


Thats odd because when I play COD4 at my friends house on his Xbox I do better than I do at home on my PS3.

Groo3546d ago

if you call nothing but f-bombs and talkin sh!t the whole time good communication, good luck

Monchichi0253546d ago

I would say that 360 users would have an advantage with FPS and driving games while PS3 users would be better at Fighters. Just because of the controls for the system.

But in all reality, it all comes down to the individual gamer.

Shepherd 2143546d ago

the 360 constoller does not have an unfair advantage at street fighter 4, because Street fighter is traditionally played with a joystick, not a D-pad. So the thumbstick on PS3 and 360 controllers works just fine.

pixelsword3546d ago

Because They can use keyboards and mice; K&M controls are the best.

barom3546d ago

The way I see it is. If X360 owners are willing to pay 50$ a year to game online, then that in itself is a commitment (although both my cousin and brother pays and rarily plays). So I kinda would think 360 owners probably win. Then again, I hear there's a bunch of kids on there. Then again who knows, there might be a bunch of kids on PS3 too (we just don't hear them, thank god). Then again PS3 did win the SFIV tournament.

No Way3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

I respectfully disagree. In practically every game that I play on xBox Live, there is at least one(1) or two(2) other people talking. There is hardly ever a game that I play that does not have a single person talking. And, it's not rare to find a game with a full room where every person is talking, or has the ability to talk.

On PSn, however, it's rare for Me to find a game where one(1) or two(2) other people are talking. Out of the time I have spent on PSn, I don't think I've ever went into a game where there was a full room and everyone was speaking.

@Monchichi025 - I agree! I think it depends on the game, and of course the individual player.

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butterfinger3546d ago

we could have the opportunity to find out. It would be so fun it there was one online community. Oh well...

celldomceen13546d ago

it would be great then there would be no more discussion about controllers. Play whichever system has the best controller for you and play. I swear i have so many friends who will not play madden on the ps3 because they hate the controller and vice versa.

Polluted3546d ago

I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to compare the average KDRs, accuracy, etc of the top 1000 players on a few popular multi-plat games like COD4 or something. That should give us a fair idea.

Jumper10803546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Ps3 owners have the advantage because the 360 owners have to be in bed by 9

SprSynJn3546d ago

I have always wanted to play against all who own an online game. When I had Call of Duty 4 I wanted to play against the 360 owners as well. The more the merrier yah know? Hopefully they will implement that one day, but I doubt it.

butterfinger3546d ago

to know you are among the best of the best whenever you are playing online. It would also be nice, because all of your friends that own a console would be able to play with you regardless of whether or not they bought a PS3 or 360.

Beardown823546d ago

I know this isn't an exact comparison, but I used to play COD4 all the time on my PS3. My brother has a 360 and also owned COD4. I visited him one day and played online deathmatch (which I normally would end up around top three all the time). Not being used to the 360 controller I figured I was going to be wretched, but wanted to play just for kicks. I ended up winning all three rounds I played. It could be a fluke and I just was paired up with a bunch of people that didn't know how to play or I just went on a tear and got lucky. I then played my brother in a split screen match who proceeded to tear me a new one. I know that there are great players on both consoles who all love to game. It's all about the enjoyment you get from plugging some chump from across the country in the head with your M16.

No Way3546d ago

That jus gives the x360 owners a reason to own you faster! ;) Ha.

Jumper10803545d ago

How do you plan to own if your 360 has the RROD

No Way3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

First off.. I love how you have no intelligent come back to that..
Sooo, you resort to a RRoD joke. Nicee!
However, I must give you props on that innovative diss, aint heard that one before! -.-

But, I'll use my PS3 and play on your side, to make you lose..
Therefore, I win. ;)

And, for the record.. I'm still on my first x360, that I got two months after launch.
Thank you very much.

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GWAVE3546d ago

360 gamers would win, eventually.

That's because you can hack games fairly easily on LIVE. Can't do it quite as easily on PSN.

Hackers always find a way to win.

SIdepocket3546d ago

Easier to hack a PS3 any day of the week. You can't install a third party drive and software on a 360.

Account theft and cheating are rampant on PSN. All the script kiddies are running Linux on their PS3s.

Microsoft Xbox 3603546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Sidepocket, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Just because the PS3 accepts 3rd party non proprietary hard drives doesn't mean it'll be hacked. You do know the PS3 has its own file system format and all containing files are encrypted right? Not to mention the Hypervisor, completely built into the hardware PS3's hardware, stops any unsigned codes from running.

Nothing is unhackable but if you really knew what was going on instead of running your mouth, you'd know that the PS3 as of right now is hack proof. No homebrew code has been able to run natively on the PS3. I'm not even talking about PS2 homebrew and that Java BR exploit. Those are minuscule and totally inaffective towards the PS3 and its games. The 360 on the other hand is already hacked to run burnt copies. Burnt copies that can be altered just like the PS2. So there is a higher chance of a game being exploited on the 360.

SIdepocket3546d ago

@Microsoft Xbox 360

Maybe you should get an idea of what you're talking about instead of running your mouth. PSN accounts are easy to hijack and a big problem for Sony right now.

First off, modding an Xbox is not the same as hacking, plus modding an Xbox gets you immediately banned from Live as their security doesn't allow a modded box to connect. But you can run load and run modified code on the PSN easily. Go download some cheats off the internet, it's exceedingly easy to do.

Microsoft Xbox 3603546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Modded 360's can't go online? Are you kidding me? See right there again tells me you absolutely have no idea what you're talking about.

"But you can run load and run modified code on the PSN easily. Go download some cheats off the internet, it's exceedingly easy to do."

Did you really think I'd fall for that?. If it's so exceedingly easy to cheat, why hasn't there been any complaints or articles about it? Or why did I not once encounter such cheater on PSN yet? LOL.

"PSN accounts are easy to hijack and a big problem for Sony right now. "

Keep telling yourself that buddy, if that helps you sleep at night.

slinkey1233546d ago

i would have to agree with "microsoft xbox 360" You can go online with a modded 360, but its almost impossible to cheat. The copies have to be perfect and stealthed patched. If there is any data change then you will be banned. So cheaters wont be online for long.

But yeah there are zero cheaters on the ps3. I cant believe the ps3 still hasnt been hacked.

The_Beast3546d ago

ive seen way more articals and problems with 360 getting hacked then think about it ive never seen a ps3 online hack problem..

ps go play halo 3 and u will see how much easir it is to hack 360

No Way3546d ago

I do agree with everything you've said.. except the thing about the PSn accounts. There was an article on here a while back, I don't recall when it was, but was saying that exact thing and was givin Sony headaches. If it's still an issue, I'm not sure, but I know it did happen.

SIdepocket3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

You guys may want to read a little harder next time.

Home has been hacked numerous times, as well as the Playstation store itself. Dozens of PSN accounts were compromised last year which led to Sony revising their security precautions (check the PS forums if you don't believe me) The folks over at DemonHades have already cracked the PS3 HDD encryption which is why my first statement is in fact, true. It's easier to hack into the Playstation Network. You can put a modded Xbox online but it can't connect to Live and run modifed code.

All I've heard about on the Xbox side is some users denial of service attacks on other XBL players. That's not hacking XBL as it is just a method of spamming requests to the users' internet connection causing it to become slow if not unusable.

Microsoft Xbox 3603545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

What part of beta in Home Beta don't you understand? Please give me proof of any hacks for the games on PS3. Bet you won't even find one. Remember in-game glitches aren't the same as hacking/cheating.

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Bumpmapping3546d ago

PS3 owners would win we have been playing games longer

borgome3546d ago

LOL at the dumbest comment I ever read on this news for noobs lame website. What a douche.

borgome3546d ago

LOL at the douches who agreed with the dumbest comment in the history of the News for Noobs website.