GDC09: Just how many words were in Fable 2?

The answer? A lot.

Well, as Joystiq learned in a GDC session, the talky action-RPG included some 370,000 words, totaling 38 hours of speech. No, really, you can read it for yourself to the right. And that, friends, is why Fable 2 was Joystiq's 2008 Game of the Year: All those words.

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poopsack3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

hey man...congrats

xabmol3550d ago

Good job, Man.

*pats 360 man on the back*

SL1M DADDY3550d ago

Not that they were poor, they were just lackluster. Also, the drop in frame rate when you were in heavy combat got annoying. Maybe in Fable 3 they could cut back on dialog and add enhancement elsewhere... Unless of course the next Xbox goes to Blu-Ray.

Mcrmarcher3551d ago

Interesting, I wonder how many words were in Mgs4.

Ryudo3550d ago

I think there counting x-random towns people to the total number also. MGS4 wouldn't be a good example as a rival to this. Simply because you don't get time to walk around talking to people and taking basic quests. MGS4 is a far better game in my opinion but still Fable 2 clearly wins in this respect.

KionicWarlord2223551d ago

wow.Thats alot of dialogue. lol

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