Yaya Han Cosplays as the Hottest Christie from Dead or Alive 4

pixelateedgeek says "HOT DAMN. I would like to take this moment to say that the #1 cosplay girl on my Top 10 cosplayers should now be number 2. Because #7 has taken her place as Christie from Dead or Alive 4. I really don't think video game related cosplay could get any hotter than this. But, I wouldn't mind if it did. For more info on Yaya Han, read her newly published interview at"

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Cajun Chicken3518d ago

THAT'S what the DOA movie should of looked like.

iseven3518d ago

I agree with Cajun Chicken ^^. Hollywood screws up another video game franchise by trying to make a crappy movie.

vhero3518d ago

she looks like a doll though... she doesn't look real... guess thats the drawback to looking so close to the original..

JeffGUNZ3518d ago

Why don't they ever shoot these photo-shoots by my apartment?

ThanatosDMC3517d ago

I disagree, i like chicks with long legs. Look at those fat thighs. C'mon guys this is the same chick we dissed with her Mirror's Edge photoshoot that failed.

uxo223517d ago

Those fat thighs is exactly what we "Are" looking

JBaby3433517d ago

Don't complain about the thighs. Complain that the booty isn't just a bit bigger.

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blackbeld3518d ago

WOW she is really hot!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.