Killzone 2 is "Half a War Won": Only the Games Review

Erik Rapson of OTG writes:"But unfortunate for Guerilla, loosely combined moments and protracted battles never work beyond the online space. There, circumstance can boil down to "run here and shoot this" with little stretch of the imagination. Yet contrary to that relative bluntness, singleplayer needs context and pace to survive: It needs the power of an evenhanded storyteller."

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hombrehambre3551d ago

Disagree on the singpleplayer, but this has multiplayer pegged.

tinydancer3551d ago

Singleplayer was lame, imo.

raztad3551d ago

Single Player is unbelievable. Im still in the fight with Radec playing on Hard. Wow the AI is much better than me :D, too much things going on at the same time. Sometimes I found myself looking for the Hig that was in front of me but the mo***r already dropped a grenade and flanked me while I was healing my wounds. KZ2's AI is enough to separate it from the crowd. Truly impressive. Looking forward to replay it on Elite.

The story so far is pretty decent, I have seen movies with worst scripts than KZ2's.

silverchode3551d ago

i havent even played the sp yet.

RememberThe3573551d ago

but it is sourly lacking the story telling of the first game. That is my one disappointment about Killzone 2.

talltony3551d ago

the single player on Elite in 2 days its not as bad as cod5 on veteran.

NIGHT_HAWK32103550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

for anyone who says the single player is amazing for anything but graphics has most likely played very few games. there is almost no incentive for moving to the next objective. go here, shoot people, shoot stupid boss in the ass, set c4 and repeat. ITS ALL ABOUT MULTIPLAYER (which gets boring).

dantesparda3550d ago

So says the 360 fanboy. And KZ2's SP is no worst than Gears 1 & 2, and Halo 3's so get off it fanboys. As a matter of fact i think its much better, because the guys seem to be much more like real people than the protagonists of the other games i just mentioned. And the ending

Makes it seem like they are fvcked! and about to lose

NIGHT_HAWK32103550d ago

i have put 50 hours of online into killzone. you shouldnt talk sh1t if you dont know what your talking about. the campaign is boring. i didnt compare those games you did. kinda makes you look stupid and sound like a fanboy as well. figures that a ps3 fanboy would be so scared when the "killer" isnt what it was supposed to be. Since you want to compare, Gears 2 is much better campaign than Killzone, at least there is reason to do what your doing. Killzone campaign is like the first gears where it lacks overall story. this game was obviously made for multiplayer.

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JeanPool3551d ago

A little late, but multiplayer requires that. Gears of 2 proves this kind of review process is needed.

PrimordialSoupBase3551d ago

Game's all round decent. Not spectacular.

no-spin3551d ago

WoW 20 disagrees for saying the game is not spectacular

Ridiculous! airheads are a sorry excuse for fanboyism

goflyakite3551d ago

I don't get how disagreeing makes you a fanboy.

I do think the game is spectacular, and definitely not just decent.

But I guess I'm a fanboy for not going with his opinion.

Jazz41083551d ago

Dont you know, you cant say anthing negative about Sony or any of Sonys huge catalog of emotion chip filled games without being bashed to all hell on N4G.

no-spin3551d ago

just look at the reply that says "you are nor spectacular" = 23 agrees!!
WTF, if that is not fanboyism, then the standards have changed to fit the new wave of PS3 lovers.

NIGHT_HAWK32103550d ago

all the ps3 fanboys complain that this site is full of xbox fanboys, but it seems to be the exact opposite. anytime someone says something against ps3 they get tons of sh1t for it. ps3 fanboys are so damn insecure that as soon as the truth comes out they start crying. kz is fun but not for too long. i have put in over 50 hours, and while i like it, the servers are more and more bare everyday. the "killer" that the fanboys claimed, is not what it was supposed to be, so the fanboys know the truth but are blinded. theres not enough ranks. in about a month everyone screamin about this game now will be back to CoD. every week less and less people play, but i think that is a testament to ps3's crappy community more than anything.

goflyakite3550d ago

You realize that you are choosing one person out of a total of 34 disagrees, right?

You're saying the 33 other people are fanboys for disagreeing with PSB?

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BIOSHOT3551d ago

singleplayer was lame do you own a hd sistem or is the wii your sistem of choice.

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