Thunderbolt Games: Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Review

All the FF hallmarks are there, from the character design to the music score, and these factors are again quite divisive. Using the same cutesy, big-eyed caricatures as always; is this just in keeping with house-style, or is it evidence of a lazy design department, happy to churn out the same old thing time and again? Is reusing musical material from previous games just an idle time-and-money saving cheat, or is it a way to give FF fans that warm glow of nostalgia? Should we consider these elements as "classic" or derivative? The truth lies somewhere in between the two. But Chocobo's Dungeon seems happy being middle of the road, which translates to a middling outcome.


+ Interesting story premise
+ Levelling-up is addictive
+ Pop-Up Duels are nice extras


- Graphically weak
- Repetitive gameplay
- Virtually impossible to find an online opponent for Pop-Up Duels
- Loading times are irritating

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