Windows 7 Build 7068 Dogfooded, Leaked Screenshots

Forget Build 7057, the Release Candidate branch of Windows 7 has evolved all the way to Build 7068. Following the availability of Beta Build 7000, the Redmond company has been largely mute on the development process of Windows 7, although it became clear through leaked releases and information on development milestones such
as 7022, 7048, 7055, and 7057, that the software giant was producing a steady flow of interim builds, some of which it was serving to its close partners and sharing with select testers. Windows 7 Build 7068 is now being dogfooded over at Microsoft, and the leaked screenshots accompanying this article and coming from a company employee prove that the software giant continues to make progress toward the first fully fledged Release Candidate of the next iteration of the Windows client.

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TheIneffableBob3520d ago

Heh, I literally just finished installing 7068 and I hear that 7070, 7071, and 7072 builds are being considered for the RC-escrow coming in April. Those builds are supposed to have significant back-end updates as well. Oh well.

Theoneneo813520d ago

so im guessing we can expect to see windows 7 in late summer early fall?

TheIneffableBob3519d ago

Available to manufacturers in late 2009 and at retail in early 2010.

Kakkoii3519d ago

Public release is in August/September.

jtmill073519d ago

I do like where windows 7 is headed.

velaxun3519d ago

I've been using it for a while and so far I love it. I had one BSOD when I first started using it due to a conflict between uTorrent and AVG, but I switched to Avast and everything's good. I find it much faster than Vista, and I used to be a huge vista fan!

Intel Core2Duo E6600 2.4ghz
4GB Ram
Geforce 8800 GT

startup time in 7 is ~20 seconds, Vista (with all the same programs running) was ~1 minute....