Guitar Hero: Alcohollica

Daniel of Gamer Limit writes: "The show finishes with a romping rendition of Seek And Destroy. The small group of us who came decide to go to one of the bars in the complex to allow the crowd to die down before we attempt to travel across the capital to get home. The booze has been flowing all night and I'm feeling rather merry. There is a large stage to one side, where a band are setting up. I look a little closer; it's not a band.

They have Guitar Hero: Metallica.

Let me rephrase that: I'm drunk and they have Guitar Hero: Metallica for people to get up in groups and play in front of a couple of hundred people."

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chrisjc3548d ago

Ah! Guitar Hero, how I hate you; but this game looks really fun, and different for a change.


xabmol3548d ago

You cannot kill the metal. THE METAL WILL LIVE ON! HA! HAAA!

Cloud-14093548d ago

Funny stuff, Id have to be drunk to get up there and sing Metallica

Fullish3548d ago

Oddly enough probably the only way i would.

skateboard343548d ago

Well, think about it. Who in their right mind would get up in front of hundreds of people and sing Metallica?

Dimly3548d ago

I'm really enjoying the game

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