Resolution: Can inferior games sometimes provide the most lasting memories?

Resolution Magazine looks back at Red Faction, and wonders whether inferior games can sometimes provide the most lasting memories.

From the article: "Out of all the games to have an effect on me, I never for a second imagined it would be Red Faction, an aged and largely disappointing first-person shooter built on the foundations of half-finished ideas and incomplete technology. And yet, here we are, nearly eight years later, that moment fresh as ever in my mind. There's a lot to be said for emotional charge in videogames, but here it seems wrong, unnatural, unintended. What's behind it?"

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Cajun Chicken3518d ago

Serious Sam FE and MDK do this for me.

xabmol3518d ago

Red Faction was a great 1st gen PS2 game. You son of a bi...