Blu-Ray Website Says: DMC4,MGS4 and Warhawk Already On Disc

If you visit the Gaming portion of the Blu-Ray website, you'll actually see a nice description of one of the things that makes the Blu-Ray a potential winner in the households: games. The problem arises when you take a look at the latter portion of their write-up.

They list a bunch of titles which they say are CURRENTLY available for the PlayStation 3. None of those games are on disc, unless you count the handful of unfinished copies being made by different production companies as we speak. They also mention Tekken PS3, which could also refer to the PlayStation Store version of Tekken or the unreleased Tekken 6. Hit the jump to see the compiled list of games yet to be released on Blu-Ray. Hurry before they change it.

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smeg0rz4289d ago

I noticed this ages ago... I thought so much of it, that i didnt tip the news because it's pointless... n4g.. sort it out.,

lilwingman4289d ago

The way I'm reading it is the games will be available EVENTUALLY on Blu-ray.

ALIEN4289d ago

i heard that WARHAWK will be on the ps3store, but if it's going to be on blue-ray disc, it's going to be better. We should wait and see what happens.

ChefDejon4289d ago

this just can mean there going to be on blu ray disc and that they are exclusives. cause every exclusive that is on or added to the ps3 list is enivably going to be on Blu ray so why not list it

Mikey_Gee4289d ago

I just wish SOMEONE WOULD WIN so I can start buying either format. As of right now ... I am holding of on both.

I think if the industry is waiting for WE the consumers, they should relize that many of WE are waiting on THEM to pull their heads from their arse and JUST F'N PICK ONE !!

DeadlyFire4289d ago

Blu-Ray is already selling more I suggest you sell that HD-DVD player to someone. They already had something on here a week or two ago about them stopping production of HD-DVD in one year and stop DVD production in 3 years.

OldSchoolGamer4289d ago

He is holding off like me, we don't own HD-DVD and still love our trusted and home format dominating DVD's! lol, hopefully a format wins eventually, I'm just tired of reading these same stories 600 times over.

Optimus Prime4289d ago

still holding off until either format wins...

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