Resolution: Killzone 2 review

Resolution writes: "Does the outstanding multiplayer make Killzone 2 a modern classic? Perhaps. It's certainly one of the top console shooters around. It gives the PS3 a chance to flex its visual muscles and the combat system works beautifully, giving you a big sense of gratification when you're ploughing down the hordes of enemies. But it doesn't really bring anything new to the table. The solo campaign does all the things a shooter should do, but nothing more. But increasingly these days, it's the multiplayer that keeps a game alive once the campaign modes have been exhausted, and in this case Killzone 2 does the job superbly."

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yoghurt3519d ago

Is there another FPS that has done the cover system in this way?
Ive never used it before in another game, but they have pulled it off really well, lean and peak FPS style

Just wandering why they always say 'nothing new'

There is also the physics in the game, grenade throwing being affected by wind etc...are they nothing new?