PlayStation tattoo for the "We are PlayStation '-action

PS3-Sense writes: "As you may already know, Sony holds a unique action, namely "We are PlayStation. You can win with this action a digital camera or € 1000, - Now someone has done something very special. DJ_3Sixty, participated the action and have sent pictures of his tattoo. It is not just a tattoo, but a tattoo of the PlayStation logo. Look further for the picture of his special tattoo."

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Fatal Blow3544d ago

Man i love sony playstion because they make amazing game's but not a playstion fanboy like that guy in the pic lol i will never do anything like this cause it's like life or death kind of thing cause if u do a tattoo u must make sure u want this not like down the road damn why the f**K did i do this one when i could of got a bad ass tattoo etc but then again it's a bad ass tattoo he got one of a kind with the god of war background damn it's cool but for how long lol

M-Easy3544d ago

If sony paid the the tattoo and eventually its removal.

XLiveGamer3544d ago

This its what i call a xtreme dumb fanatic.

Microsoft, Sony and even Nintendo they don't really care about you they only care about your $. They don't care how much you sacrifices for it they just want it on their banks

Do you understand that? Stop living in "La la Duh! Brand Land" and wake up.