PALGN: Moonfall: Land of Dreams Review

PALGN writes: "Before we start, we'd just like to make it clear that we are entirely in support of independent game making. It's often in independent games that we find new and exciting ideas, or just plain fun gameplay, even if they don't have the most polished presentation or the largest development team. It's hard breaking into the world of videogame development, but independent games are one way to do it, and with hard work and original ideas, talented people can create truly special games. Now that that's out of the way, Moonfall: Land of Dreams is terrible. We could look past the dreadful, uninspired graphics if there was something more than dreadful, uninspired gameplay behind them. But there isn't. We understand the limitations of a development team of only five people (one of whom was apparently responsible for catering). But charging for a game like this... Moonfall gives a bad name to independent games."

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