Thunderbolt Games: FEAR 2: Project Origin Review

Nick Akerman writes, "Your mind is spinning. With every hard fought breath, your brain pulsates, feebly trying to flush out the nightmarish visions that occur so regularly. You've seen it before. The familiar, gurgling, blood-stricken torso leeches itself into the core of your thoughts. She's there: her cry intensifying to restore your attention. Eyes locked on, she's reading your every move. Like you, she's older, wiser, and has greater power. In her heart, she remains the same, opting not to bring anything new to the wicked world of extra-terrestrial haunting. She may be physically fuelled by a new-found teenage rage, but look a little deeper, and Alma hasn't changed one bit."

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farhsa20083519d ago

first off i dont have the game but i know for damn sure it aint worth a 5/10, thats not even a passable score, what a terrible rating.

Nakerman3519d ago

That's a silly thing to say then. Do you even know what a 5/10 means? It's an average game, by far the worst in the series.

CaseyRyback_CPO3519d ago

They removed all of the horror elements from Fear1, and this thing just turned into a repetitive action game, with no thrills. Very disappointing.

It tried to do many things, but didn't do any of them well.

Huge Fear1 fan, i felt like they were going to explore the horror more, since its what made fear1 unique. But without that, its just yet another stale fps.

Nakerman3519d ago

Unfortunately Casey, the average video game player will see a 5/10 as a terrible score. Yes, FEAR 2 has its flaws, but it's still an average and playable shooter.

What you say about FEAR 1 is true, I wanted Monolith to explore the horror genre further, and yet they have taken a step back by churning out the same old tricks.