Next Resident Evil Needs Major Controls Overhaul

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "Video games are probably the most rapidly evolving forms of media. What was fresh and exciting two years ago can be looked at as archaic by today's standards. In the time that a developer is developing a game, other developers could have released several other games that redefine what a proper control scheme for that genre is. This seems to be the case with Resident Evil 5. It is definitely a great game and worth a play for people who enjoy shooters and cooperative play but its control scheme is in need of a major overhaul. If Capcom were to release another Resident Evil game, it would need a completely revamped control scheme. The control scheme for Resident Evil 5 doesn't need to be scrapped entirely but there has to be some serious modifications if the series is to maintain the level of respect that gamers have for it."

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villevalorox3521d ago

if they woudl have gave re5 dead space controls then wow! you know. It would still feel like re4 and omg be a hell of a lot better!

MrWeymes3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I was surprised at how good Dead Space turned out. I greatly anticipate the sequel and the live action movie in the works. I love the space setting.

Dead Space may not be perfect but it's certainly the best survival horror of this generation so far. I like Resident Evil 5 as well but you can hardly call it a survival horror. It's more of an action game with horror elements.

Johnny Rotten3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I'm playing Dead Space right now(PS3) and the controls are flawless. The d-pad for switching weapons is in the right spot, and the L2 button for running feels good too, also it's probably the one of the best menu displays for any game out there.

MrWeymes3521d ago

I'm sure if we were to hold the Dead Space controls under a microscope, we would find some flaws but I agree that they are excellent. I assumed that Resident Evil 5 was going to be much better than Dead Space but my assumption was wrong. They are both great games, but Dead Space certainly controls the best out of the two.

Maxned3520d ago

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SL1M DADDY3520d ago

If they are going the route of action adventure and getting away from Horror Survival then just add run and gun. If they want to perfect the game, make it scary again and add the same controls as Dead Space or even Siren. I was not a huge fan of Siren's controls but the concept of using the controls restrictions to add to the scare factor made the game very interesting.

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farhsa20083521d ago

or you could just get used to the controls, seriously its these fools that make us real gamers look bad, the fact that it doesn't have it is because it DOESN'T need it, i played through the entire campaign twice and have no problems with the controls so why can't you?

MrWeymes3520d ago

Any core gamer is going to get used to a control scheme after a certain amount of time. That's why some people have beaten Superman 64. Just because you are able to get used to a control scheme doesn't mean that it's a good one.

I'm not comparing Resident Evil 5 to Superman 64 obviously, but I'm just saying that by today's standards, Resident Evil 5's controls are feeling very last generation when compared to other third person shooters and other survival horror games. I am very confident that Resident Evil 6 will have an extremely modified control scheme or a brand new one.

JoySticksFTW3520d ago

I have to say that RE5's control "issues" are being blown way out of proportion.

After playing the game, the only change I would make is add the ability to move/strafe while shoot.

But then again... if Capcom allowed that in RE5 without ramping up the enemy speed and AI, then anyone will be able to blow through that game blind-folded on Veteran.

The enemy AI and speed is at the sufficient level with the controls that you are provided with right now. Does any really fear that ax-wielding Executioner and the Chain-saw guys (before they wake up and go into chain-saw tornado mode!), when you can just run right by/through them with little worry of getting hurt? Just reposition and fire away.

In fact the only enemies that were really scary - and I felt damned because I couldn't move and shoot at the same time - were the one-hit kill Reapers

Ghoul3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

The Control "problems" are way to much criticized. Playing through the game on normal on the First run and nearly through i can ASSURE you that every GAMER who plays RE5 will adept the gameplay and controls within the first 2 chapters. It plays really really well for me atm.

btw most of you ignore the fact that RE5's gameplay and shooting mechanics are matched to the "nonwalkingwhileaiming&qu ot; method on RE5.

please please try the game its absolutly fantastic.

KionicWarlord2223520d ago

it is amazing.the controls were a little exaggerated as being very bad.but im pretty sure the next resident evil 5 is probaly going change the controls to please fans.

BkaY3520d ago

i just got my plat trophy on sat...

control?.... like ghoul sid ,2 chapters and u will be fine till end... honestly controls really matches with the gamplay..

best part of this game is coop online.... i helped like 10s of ppl with their trophies... and its really fun.....

GUYS just play it on pro mode and then talk to me... tht mode is intense...

NegativeCreepWA3520d ago

Lets make it like every other game out there. Seriously the controls are the only thing that still feel like RE, they already got rid of the fixed camera angles which added all the tension to the game. The only reason Dead Space worked is because the sound kept you on your toes.

Silverwolf3520d ago

That RE5 has such awfull controls & inventory system. Good story & graphics but I'm all about controls. If the game controls like dirt it's a pass for me.

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