10 Worst Video game Movies of All time

Vigster writes: "Vigster takes a look at the 10 worst video game movies of all time. Video games that come from movies tend to be worse than movies that originate from books.

So here they are. List any more in the post if you can think of them.

10: Dungeon Siege: A Knights Tale

I admit that at first glance this seemed like a really good flick and with Jason Statham as our leading man it had a fighting chance, even with Uwe Boll as the director. The story starts off with our village man's home being attacked and he decides to go fight against the tyranny. Somewhere down the road the story gets jumbled and loses its' flavor as Leelee Sobieski has a very strange and unhealthy relationship with a dark wizard who is played by Ray Liotta. This fantasy ..."

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