Shooter video games 'sharpen vision'

Slaying hordes of bad guys in fast-paced video games improves vision, a study has shown for the first time.
Far from being harmful to eyesight, as some had feared, action games such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, or Left 4 Dead provide excellent training for what eye doctors call contrast sensitivity, the study found.

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I think they are right, BUT my eyes have gotten pretty bad after playing to much videogames.

Jager3548d ago

Do you play in a poorly lit / dark room while playing video games? cause manuals, and doctors will tell you to play in a well lit room.

ottoenie3548d ago

that's right! if your room is darker, it causes your eyes to concentrate more, and that can cause headache, if you play in a well lit room, there is not much to worry about.

nirun3547d ago

I've been playing an average of 2 hours of video games per day since a little kid, majority of them have been shooters with the majority of my time spent playing Counter Strike, and more recently COD4.

I have had perfect vision my whole life, and it has not deteriorated at all to this day, I am turning 22 this year.

My peripheral vision and detail recognition is much stronger than most of my friends. Whilst driving I notice hazards, signs, landmarks, and even police cars (lol) before anyone else in the vehicle does, as a result I have never received a traffic ticket.
(3-4 years of daily driving)

Coincidence? I think not... and this article definitely proves some of the "luck" I've had.

UltimateIdiot9113547d ago

I say it's genetics and the shape of your eyeball. Genetics play a big factor, like for me, being asian, my eyes just are naturally more bad or more likely to need glasses. It might help my contrast sensitivity but doesn't stop my eyes from getting worse.

My cousins have been gaming in a dark room way more than I ever had but they still have almost 20/20.

Mikerra173547d ago

but thats why there is a thing called contacts so Im not too worried about it

heroicjanitor3547d ago

The driver always notices first, if you didn't I wouldn't get in a car with you.

Bonsai12143547d ago

yeah, having played counterstrike for like 7 years now, i realized you notice things like small movements and things that aren't "ordinary" like a blip on something that should be smooth. and 20/20 vision ftw.

IaMs123547d ago

May i point out that it does not really matter whether you sit 2 inches from the TV or 20 feet. Read in a dark room or well lit room. It will not affect your eyes, per say. let me elaborate, it was proven, or they are lying to me that in fact it does not affect your eye sight. What does affect your eye sight is you don't blink as much. Therefore your eyes dry out, leading to a headache. After every game or when you die sit there and close your eyes or look away every half hour at least, just to give your eyes a rest.


I have 32" TV and sit like 50 cm away from it and pretty dark room actually kinda the opposite what the manual say.

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QuietBelief3548d ago

Well that's interesting. Never really thought of it that way, but yeah, it does make sense.

Software_Lover3548d ago

Now that I recollect it was a study on reflexes. Playing Racing games and games like GTA improves reflex time.

MGOelite3547d ago

i dunno if this is true but now i notice ever little movement in real life now lol too much sniping in games like cod4 and socom

Avenged Sevenfold3547d ago

Hell yeah. Playing HSnD on Creek I go on the roof and just sit there not moving, not scoping. Just look at every detail and subtle movements. Then I scope and BAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!! 50 pts.

Avenged Sevenfold3547d ago

Lol, the FPS Doug Counterstrike guy? Lol, "what are you doing with that knife bro?"

"I run faster with a knife."


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