Two Worlds Sneak Mode Unveiled

In Two-Worlds the new "Sneak Mode" offers the player a chance to get up close and personal with adversaries before deciding their fate.

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InMyOpinion4290d ago

I think this game will be cool.

ElementX4290d ago

I'm looking forward to this title. I am tired of JRPGs with turn-based, menu combat systems. I want faster action!

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4290d ago

you tell all the boys. LOL ;~) Just kidding!

ElementX4289d ago

that's awesome. No. I don't have time for guys. i'm too busy with my xbox. Actually, I did send it out for replacement. No ring of death, but I had vertical lines. It was a launch unit and I bought the extended warrenty for 2 years, which Microsoft extended another year for free so it's already paid for itself. New unit tuesday! It might even have the new quieter dvd drive

Sphinx4289d ago

Fast action! Not just that, but more control over the action. Oblivion was awesome for that reason alone.

bighed034289d ago

i suppose playing oblivion with a better frame rate would be a bit more enjoyable.