130° Killzone 2 Review

Josh Rai writes: First let me state that the game looks amazing, sounds amazing, and overall has a very high presentation wow factor. This is all very impressive and obviously would take a lot of time and money just to come close to the level Killzone 2 has set. Now the question becomes does Killzone 2 have the gameplay underneath the eye and ear candy?

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Lookbehind3547d ago

The guy that wrote this post sounds like a fifth grader doing his first public speaking project.It's like he copied it out of a book.

NinlenBox3547d ago

so. i bought killzone on first day and only played it that weekend of february. i handt touched the game in 3 weeks. and then im like i better get back into killzone and play some. and i did. what happened? well lets just say it should be renamed to crackzone. lol. what the hell was i thinking? omg. i forgot how awesome killzone is. i started tuesday and havent stopped since then. this weekend alone i put 15 hours in multiplayer. and when i started tuesday i was rank 2 now im all done. defenetely BEST SHOOTER EVAH! AND MOST ADDICTING MP EVAH! this game is gorgeous and has the gameplay too. war truly perfected!

Mcrmarcher3547d ago

True KZ2 is quite addictive, especially when your on a roll sniping fools =P

Jaces3547d ago

I was always curious as to why people said this was a generic "brings nothing new to the table" shooter with pretty graphics and yet gives it such a high review score.

Must be one helluva "same ol' same ol'" shooter then I guess.

adolson3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )'s reviews are technically a 5-point review scale, in a roundabout way.

It uses the trophies like the PSN has - Platinum being the highest, or 5/5, then Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The equivalent to 1/5 would be not awarding a game a trophy, but instead a RROD (lol).

So, Josh's Killzone 2 "score" is Gold, which isn't THAT high - 4/5, or 80%ish. You can't deny it's a great game regardless of if it brings much new to the genre - most shooters don't. But it's pretty, and it's fun, and it sounds great - it's polished, and it's fun to play. It deserves his Gold rating.