Fallen Earth MMO New Videos: Gameplay & Character Customization is Awesome

Fallen Earth MMO New Videos: Gameplay & Character Customization is Awesome. The Fallen Earth MMORPG is currently in closed beta and should be launching by the end of the second quarter of 2009.

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The Milkman3495d ago

You know this game looks awesome. But if your like me and already play an MMO you kinda hesitate to play a different MMO. It's like you become more dedicated to one MMO the more you play it. I already pay monthly for one and put alot of work into it. So I personally dont feel like starting from the bottom again and paying more money to play another MMO.

Most MMOs take alot of time and dedication to get see some of the high ends of the game. Im not willing to switch or dedicate myself to two MMOs as long as the one Im currently playing keeps coming out with updates. But I dont speak for everyone, I met some people who play multiple MMOs. I just prefer to be good in one game not descent in both.

onlinemmo3494d ago

yeah some are fun to dabble in. Even for hardcore MMOers dedicated to their particular game, they eventually realize that nothing lasts forever and eventually they will have to move on to a new game. So most keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities.