Gears of War 2 update mends wounds

On March 24th, Gears of War 2 received its third title update. It's the biggest update yet and promised to fix multiple exploits, bugs, and other glitches. The update also includes an overhaul to the matchmaking ranking system as well as brand new achievements to prepare for the Snowblind Map Pack due out on the 31st. However, the question still remains, "has the online component truly been fixed correctly?" Believe it or not, it has.

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Zeus Lee3496d ago

I tried to get into a game not 20 mins ago and I'm still getting "Remote parties restarted the matchmaking process".

God damnit Epic why can't I just join a damn game?

lord_of_balrogs3496d ago

It has been fixed to a degree......... I can join any game in under 2 minutes, maybe there's a problem with your connection? However the game is still plagued with lag. Its hit an miss for me, some games will be lag free and then some will so terrible I feel like chucking the controller. I played two games today where is was so laggy that it was impossible to hit anyone, everyone was just spamming the chainsaw and running in the circle because that way the only way to get a kill. Furthermore, there are still gliches, you can still shield jump through walls (pavilion) and the concussion grenades still glitch you out (stuck in walls and on stairs) and on one concussion grenade it launched me 15 feet into the air and then killed me as I fell down. On the bright side they made the shotgun weaker at far/mid range, making it only suitable for close range combat like it should be.

PrimordialSoupBase3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Today, I was placed in a game in a matter of an instant... except it forgot to fill the other team with real players. Maybe Cliffy B can sell off his Lambo and hire people who can make this game work, because he certainly failed at making a functioning game from the start.

hippo243495d ago

Open your NAT.
You will never find a game In gears if you have it closed.
This is the most common problem with matchmaking in gears, so Im assuming thats your problem, If you already do, then disregard.

Montreafart3495d ago

and its more laggass than ever!


still has 2 seconds delay with bullets.

y0haN3495d ago

Two piecing is ruined, all I gotta say.

memots3495d ago

and yet socom get bashed because some online component were broken at launch ..

Still can't believe they sold that much with a broken game and got reviewed rated this high .. makes you wonder

Time_Is_On_My_Side3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

lol, I was just about to type the same thing and for the most part Socom's problem was more about the number of people logging in at once than a broken network. Like World of Warcraft at its launch years ago.

Shepherd 2143495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

until they:

Increase shotgun damage

Remove Smoke grenades or make it so people do not spawn with them and can only pick them up on the map

Increase overall connection issues with multiplayer, such as constant lag. gears 2 is the ONLY game i will EVER lag in.

Reduce or remove host advantage. It still exists from the first game, Epic lied and said it was gone. After putting more than 30 hours into MP alone i can safely say its still there.

Fix random problems such as smoke grenades downing you while safe behind cover, Frag grenades killing you from like 20 feet away, Boomshot rockets not killing when they obviously hit a player directly, etc.

Make stunning guys with the chainsaw easier.

If they dont fix these major problems that ruins what Gears originally was, its still broken. Sorry chief.

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KionicWarlord2223496d ago

shhh dont say anything. im hi guys everything is working great . :)

Zeus Lee3496d ago

No problem at all with my connection,I played Horde without a single hitch but as soon as I tried competitive Multi THAT'S when the problems came out.

Dmitry Orlov3495d ago

check your NAT status.
even though I personaly have a moderate one, the waiting time is always less then 2min.

outlawlife3495d ago

i rarely have to wait more than a minute with open nat, at this point it almost has to be you

aldesko3495d ago

I couldn't open my NAT up on my old router for some reason, but I could still play every other game I was interested (even Gears 1).

The problem is with the game.

Digital Commando3496d ago

I was a huge fan of Gears 1, the ruined Gears 2 with the awful noob friendly online

Lord Vader3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I agree about the MP, but i dont think the game sux.

/'Though the shotgun is much, much better it still has massive issues along with lag and unbelievable host advantage ruining matches/'

Bumpmapping3495d ago

Part one was superior in every way.

hippo243495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Yes, because you really have an xbox bumpmapping...Your not fooling anyone.

Unless of course there are split personalities behind that gates mask, one is a raging fanboy that must promote his console at all costs, the other is a kind, loving and enthusiastic gamer who loves all his consoles equally...but somehow I doubt it.

Lord Vader3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Still Lags far worse than the first game. Its like the arcade expansion to a once great MP game. The only reason i still play is for Horde mostly, its amazingly so fun to play with friends. But MP Matchmaking is still glitchy & laggy for me.

Wish they hadnt made any changes to the still phenominal gameplay experience that is Gears 1...

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