Thunderbolt Games: Metal Gear Solid Touch Review

Metal Gear Solid Touch isn't a bad game, but only in comparison to other App Store products. With the media constantly pushing for the idea of the iPhone as a definite contender in the handheld console market, it's hard to not be disappointed when one of the biggest franchises in history ends up nothing more than a gallery shooter. If developers want to push the iPhone as a serious gaming device, they need to start treating it like one.

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Snake Raiser3495d ago

And will not ever downgrade the experience in the future.

NegativeCreep4273495d ago

and don't mean to downgrade MGS ever again, which includes plans to port future installments to the Xbox 360.

talltony3495d ago

The sad thing is is that this game really is not that bad and its fun to just pick up and play. Its just a point, zoom, and tap shooter but it forces you to test your reflexes and it really shouldnt be taken seriously.
Its just quick gaming fix and nothing more.

jkhan3495d ago

I bought MGS Touch as soon as it was available on AppStore and I was hugely disappointed. It's not a bad game, it just isn't MGS, i mean they could have named it anything else and it would have been fine, but this is not MGS plus the price is way too much for whats being offered here. There alot better games available on AppStore for much lower price.

Eiffel3495d ago

I'm still surprised people expected so much from this.

Avenged Sevenfold3495d ago

Did Kojima have anything to do with this? If not, then it just shows you how useless Konami is without him.