Pokemon Platinum dev not keen on Wii title

Wii owners craving a helping of a true Pokemon RPG experience on the system are probably going to have to wait awhile. Pokemon Company/GAME FREAK Board Director Junichi Masuda does not seem to be too keen on creating a title for Wii.

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TheColbertinator3548d ago

That sucks.I'm hoping for a real Wii Pokemon RPG someday.After all the sales will crush the charts for weeks

Doppy3548d ago

Why settle for a Wii RPG, sent mail asking for an MMO RPG instead. It may have to wait until next generation, but wouldn't that be better.

ChickeyCantor3548d ago

I think Nintendo said they won't do MMO's.
And a Pokemon RPG as the gameboy versions would be pretty cool on a console.

Although my idea on a pokemon game is different, so i would be dissapointed in the end anyway.

LordMarius3548d ago

Why you ask, because they are making money with budget games (Wii fit) so why spend money on making a good game when your base will buy anything you put on the shelve

heroicjanitor3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I've been saying this for ages they are sitting on high potential franchises which another developer could make great.

I really think the pokemon devs are the laziest in the entire industry. They barely change the games at all.

ChickeyCantor3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

So full of fail.

Lol at "lazy".
Dude i bet you have no idea how risky this bizz is.

heroicjanitor3548d ago

They barely change the games at all and people will buy it no matter what. In fact for every iteration they release it 3 times, two which have stuff missing then the complete one.

-GametimeUK-3548d ago

It is a risky bizz... doesnt mean to say they are not being lazy... they could of implimented a lot of things to improve the pokemon games... The DS version looks like a GBA game ffs... Whats up with the noise your pokemon make when you send them into battle? They could at least polish their franchise and they would not lose anything from gameplay...

But I wanna see a total makeover for a pokemon game... It has stupidly great potetial if the totally re-do it... Hopefully on Nintendo's next gen home console...

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Nihilism3548d ago

people and their god damn mmo suggestions, go kill yourself, mmo's suck, what they need it a 3d remake true to the originals on the wii, nothing more