GDC '09: Kojima to Sacrifice Quality? I think not

Gary of wrote:

"Hideo Kojima announced at GDC '09 that he would be working on a new title, some hope for a new IP, some believe in a Metal Gear spin-off featuring Ninja Raiden due to a very con. Whichever the case, more details will be released at this year's E3. The second biggest question(the first being "what is the game?") about Kojima's next title is will the game sacrifice quality to conform to the multi-platform standard of this console generation. The answer is absolutely not. Hideo Kojima has become a legend in the gaming industry by not conforming to gaming standards, re-inventing the wheel not so much so that the average user is turned off but just enough to dazzle and amaze every single time. The legendary Hideo Kojima has never once sacrificed the quality of his creations."

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Spike473496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Unless Kojima has other plans, I think his next game will probably be a PS3 exclusive. Why? Well
MGS4 sold well and he was able to create somewhat a game that he had visioned.

swiftshot933496d ago

I think his next game will be PS3 exclusive. It would take much more than a year to attempt to optimize the MGS4 engine for 360, and I think Konami has been very happy with PS3 with MGS4 and PES selling a lot on PS platforms. I just dont really see a big reason to go multiplatform for konami to force kojima in any direction...

Spike473496d ago

I think it would ruin somewhat the series of MGS, if he wants to make an xbox360 game it should be a new multiplatform IP

taco_tom2373496d ago

like i said in the last article hes not that dumb

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The story is too old to be commented.