Seth Rogan is a gamer, gets owned

Seth Rogen star of knocked up and Superbad is a gamer, here is a interview about a game he likes.

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Polluted3549d ago

Lulz. The article refers to his character in Pineapple Express as a guy who "does" pot. That probably shouldn't make me laugh, but it does. Sounds like something one of my old high school teachers would say.

Xwow20083549d ago

also who approved this article :\

y0haN3548d ago

I think it's interesting. I knew he wouldn't be as pro as Jack Black. That guy's a true gamer you can tell.

Spike473549d ago

"Observe and Report", I love it when he beats the crap out of those skaters, lol.

psycho3603549d ago

Man i hate this guy. The only way he could get a girl was to produce his own movie. I wish they take this story off n4g.

The_Zeitgeist3549d ago

Better than posting comments on N4G. That's so funny, you hate him because he gets chicks.

psycho3603548d ago

No not hate him cuz he may or may not be getting girls.. just take a look at that loser who would've made him an actor if he dint produce his own movies. If u love him so much go ask him to marry you. Its already allowed in some US states.

silvacrest3548d ago

gotta agree with 4.1

it just looks like your hating on him for no good reason

vickers5003548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

You're calling him a loser while you spend your time posting comments onto a gaming discussion website with an article about someone you don't even like or care about? Wow, you must be a real winner.

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Xulap3549d ago

It's Rogen, not Rogan.

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