Joystiq Interview: Nintendo's Denise Kaigler

Joystiq first met Nintendo of America's VP of Corporate Affairs Denise Kaigler at a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament in Worcester, Massachusetts, shortly after she accepted the job with the company. At the time, she had just left Reebok and was a little defensive (probably because she didn't really know all the details yet) of her role at the house of Mario. Their initial impression of Kaigler was that she was a little different, there was something they couldn't quite pin down at the time.

Here it is now, a year later, and she certainly is comfortable in her role. Sitting in a big comfy armchair -- barefoot, mind you -- in a local hotel during GDC, Joystiq spoke with the executive about Nintendo's relationship with the core audience, its plans with the two DS models and its relationship with third-party publishers.

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