Resident Evil 5 Game Saves Corrupting

Aimforthehead writes: "Has your Resident Evil 5 data corrupted?

After what felt like an eternity of playtime, we've run into an issue. Our saved data has vanished, completely. Weapons, bonus unlocks, progress and additional modes are no longer available on our 'veteran' save data. We had at least three game completions under the pair's belt and several maxed-out weapons."

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FullaUK3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

After multiple play throughs.. multiple weapon unlocks.. about to start Pro mode, i loaded up my game today it seemed normal enough however when i go into the play game menu the Item Management option was red and Mercenaries had disappeared..

After some investigation on the Capcom website it seems i am not alone, multiple users are complaining of this error.

I seriously hope this does not happen again as I would be hard pushed to want to start the game from fresh a third time.

p.s I always go back to the main menu before i quit so i don't think it is corrupted because of the save file.

Blaze9293396d ago

I just had a friend tell me about the problem and thought it was just him. Seeing this and browsing forums, it's definitely happening. Guess I'll be off RE5 for awhile, be damned if i start this game from 0% again.

JoySticksFTW3396d ago

I don't know about the 360, but PS3 users should use those memory slots with a sd card or memory stick to back up their game saves once in a while... just in case crap like this goes down

JoySticksFTW3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

The PS3 save data for RE5 can't be copied! This is the first time I couldn't copy a save file to a SD card.

I recently got SFII HD, so I double-checked with that and got the same results... the save file cannot be copied.


Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions again, but that's two games with saves files that can't be copied - CAPCOM games...

So it may be that Capcom will not allow this feature?


DMC4 can be copied though, so who knows...

Quickstrike3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I think this only affects the 360 users. Not the PS3.

I got this info from the article.

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Phantom_T3396d ago

Hopefully this could be fixed with a patch.

Red Pill3396d ago

after about 6 hours playtime on my 1st run through this happened to me!

can not find a solution to this other than starting again which sucks

i know its not bad on my 1st play through but i feel sorry for the likes of FullaUK who lost all that data

makes me wonder if i should keep going?

FullaUK3396d ago

Thanks for your sympathy and im glad im not the only one.

I really hope that Capcom take a look into this and if possible patch it at some stage as this is game breaking for me.

swiftshot933396d ago

Because so far, mine is working fine. I'm loving the game and I plan on playing it 2 more times before I start mercenaries.

SCThor3396d ago

it only happens in faulty systems so far.



(adj) defective, faulty (having a defect) "I returned the appliance because it was defective"
(adj) faulty, incorrect, wrong (characterized by errors; not agreeing with a model or not following established rules)
(adj) The object might not always work as intended, and it can have unpredictable effects when it malfunctions.

divideby03396d ago

luv the external 320G drive...I now back up my game saves routinely

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