GameSpot GDC 2009: Killing the Gears of War 2 deadline

GameSpot writes: "Epic Games' Rod Fergusson describes how the best-selling shooter was made in just two years and how fixed release dates can help developers make tough decisions; Franchise growth tips also on tap."

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rbluetank3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Two years of straining and we get this dark green/black turd from Epic!

How could a real developer put out a laggy/overall crap online game/offline. Skorge was the worst battle seq character in video game history. the last battle seq of the game was utter garbage! i barely remember using the hammer of dawn at all! you buy the new map packs to play warzone/horde/ect with people online. those maps rarely show up as the choice you want to chose from. a black man has a better chance in becoming president of the USA then you on playing on the new map packs online. excuse me thats been done! lol my bad! john mccain has a better chance at become president 2013... do you see what i mean... lol

FYI the game is still laggy after the quote patches...un qoute! they need to patch in choices in stead of un fixed problems with the online side of this game.

KionicWarlord2223544d ago

you know deep down...that you love gears of war 2.

STONEY43544d ago

No amount of love can change the fact that the multiplayer is really buggy and laggy. There was a video on youtube showing all the problems and guess what? Epic Games took it down.

rbluetank3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

deep down i love you!!! lol the game is laggy online and offline. play pavilion...on level 10 by the mortar with a friend offline after dropping down the shields to the down stair entrance. a course Epic did not notice this!!! WTF! when things heat up the game sometimes crack under the pressure offline. what do people think what will happen on line.?? it was like watching Steve austin the bionicman run at a 120 miles per hour on Tv! lol you are watching how they are slowing things down and you are saying they expect me to believe this is real! lol the game chugs with two players in the same house. wtf! it is very rare that you can play on a consistent basis the new maps.. true or false. please remember i paid 1600 ms points for this. people act like if you say their Video game has problem; like it is a personnel attack on them! i have been playing killzone2 for the last month. i finished the game on normal in 6hrs. the game does have "dancing laggy" after you are killed somebody sometimes. people who played the game know what i am talking about. gear was rushed two times in a row!! they should not get a free pass twice nor a third!! Cliffy said Skorg would make raAAm seem like a cake walk are some thing like that. can you honestly say that you enjoyed the first battle seq against Skorg? i have really moved on from gears2. i will not be commenting on gears2 again. their are way better games out their then this one and i want this message to be clear. Ps i do like some of your comments kionicwarrior222. tc

edited Exactly! epic took them down!! good point!!