Why Fanboys Are Better Than You

Destructoid Writes:

"Along with their refinement of the art of written communication, fanboys can often be seen trying to break down hateful racial and sexual barriers. They do this by taking away the discriminatory power of words like "gay nigger faggot" and "dyke bitch fuckslut" by making sure that they use them as often and loudly as possible. You see, the fanboys understand that real social change can only happen if we realize that there are no proverbial "sacred cows". And that if we all join together, we can reach across the Internet and join with our brothers and sisters, regardless of their sexual preference or race, in a glorious union of screamed obscenities that will forever shatter the walls that divide us. What's even more impressive is that not only do fanboys have the wherewithal to understand all of this and have the willpower to try and make the dream a reality."

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Gue13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

This article it's actually kinda decent but it has a lot of flaws... One of the flaws is were he says: "who knows the faults of a product better than someone who is fervently attached to a competing product? ", because most fanboys lie about this matter.

Then they say that "fanboys are “Gamers” in the truest sense of the word". This it's wrong because most of them are 24/7 arguing in the forums.

-But this is totally lame:

"The true gamers are those that will jump to defend their favorite shooter (and it must always be a shooter) with threats of extreme violence and terrible retribution to their opponents without a moments hesitation."

Not all fanboys love shooters... I don't like shooters...

Aaron Greenterd3549d ago

Fanboys make corporations smile =)


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The story is too old to be commented.