Crytek Announces, "We're in a League of Our Own."

At GDC 09, the HipHopGamer had a chance to talk with some members of the Crytek development staff team. Watch as he asks the questions that matter to you the gamer. Also hit the link to read the full article along with the video.

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ape0073552d ago

nice exclusive interviews hhg,keep it up man,your site is becoming unique and intersesting every single day :)

snipermk03552d ago

Crytek have always been saying that they're on a league of their own. They said it 2 dozen times before Crysis came out. So, I don't see whats the "announcement" here.

lolol1233552d ago

yup theyve said it before and i still laugh. any developer can make ridiculous looking graphics but the hard part is making it run on modern hardware. crysis couldnt run on most PCs for about 3 years. Crytek developers are really just mediocre. pulling something off like Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 that runs great on modern hardware, now THAT takes skills.

gaffyh3552d ago

And we thought Sony was arrogant.

JsonHenry3552d ago

Yes, they have said it all before. But the reason it is so special THIS time is because a black man is doing the interview.

That is called historic journalism! /sarcasm

I love Crytek for pushing the visual standards. But their games are not exactly the best scripted or voice acted. (with the exception of Warhead)

MNicholas3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

He did a great job disarming the Crysis rep using theatrics then used pointed questions to elicit involuntary responses. Clever and fun. That's smart journalism.

PrimordialSoupBase3551d ago

That isn't journalism, it's a circus act.

Montrealien3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

some could argue videogame journalism is a circus act, just looking at the N4G comments section there are mostly monkeys (enthusiasts) jumping to the tune of their respective ring master(console maker).

PrimordialSoupBase3551d ago

That isn't journalism either.

Montrealien3551d ago

videogame journalism? you're right.

MNicholas3551d ago

and discovering what goes on behind the scenes rather than blindly repeating company press releases. In that regard, HHG is far more of a journalist (based on this video) than IGN, Gamespot, etc... who are little more than advertising outlets.

crazy-eyez-killah3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Wow, no question mark in the title..

Still a rather misleading title in my opinion. Crytek hardly announce it.. The way he asks the question they are hardly going to say anything else are they.. Would they say "no, there's loads of better devs out there than us" also the employee is obviously saying it in a fairly jokey way, wouldn't really call it an arrogant answer. He's finding it hard enough keeping a straight face at the fact he is actually being interviewed by this guy..

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ToastyMcNibbles3552d ago

such an exciting time for the game industry... cant wait to see how the cryengine is utilized in future games

Qorious3552d ago

Wow, HipHopGamer is on a role! First Jeff, then Crytek! I wonder what else he has in store for us!?

Blackcanary3552d ago

Good HHG very good can't wait to watch your show 2morrow.

mac4u103551d ago

Hang on wasnt u the one dat was hating on him the last time im a bit confused here!!!

no-spin3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Welcome to the console world, where you cant use the latest Power PC available and are limited to the console specifics. Now STFU and deliver, you have done nothing on consoles, so maybe that "league of your own" does not hold much prestige. Less talk more games

Very good interview

Grandreaper99993551d ago

uh huh.

I wanna see them pull off another much larger farcry 2, maybe add more cityscape to its not all cheap foliage strewn about. deliver it on 1 disc, and blow everything else out of the water with little to no loading times and AI that's more realistic than anything else out there. On both consoles. Or just one. But deliver it on one disc. I don't think they could whip up a game in less than 3 years that does that. They've yet to prove they're in a "league of their own". They're the only company retarded enough to invest in a game that 99% of pc owners (their only consumer-base for the title) can't even play. That's... wow, yeah.. being in a league of your own for sure..