Uncharted could set the bar in graphics (again)

What improvements can be seen in the leaked Uncharted 2:Among Thieves game play? LukaX23 explains some of the visual differences he has noticed.

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Flipfito3548d ago

i thought he said he's looking for Chloe

LeonSKennedy4Life3547d ago


Can we please refrain from poor grammar for one day?

Zeus Lee3548d ago

I think it'll have greater competition this year,the good news is all of the competition is on the Ps3 so it's a win-win situation for Ps3 owners.Killzone 2 just came out and now holds the title for best looking console game,and don't forget;We have yet to see actual Heavy Rain footage.I'm also hearing positive things about Quantum Theory from Tecmo.Also,Ratchet&Clank:A Crack In Time was just announced,and we all know how phenomenal Tools of Destruction looked.

Furthermore,Gran Turismo 5 is looking like a 2009 title,and we all know Polyphony do not disappoint when it comes to visual realism.We also still haven't seen Team Icos Ps3 game which is set to be unveiled at E3 2009 along with Kojimas new game which will,more than likely,see a Ps3 version.

Mh,so much graphical goodness for Ps3 owners.

swiftshot933548d ago

and Eat Sleep and Play confirmed their new game will be unveiled at E3 as well.

CaseyRyback_CPO3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I think Uncharted set the bar for 720p graphics, game streaming, Water, lighting, Character Models, Animation blending, post processing, and Facial expressions.

Kz2 definitely lacked in a few areas(lipsync), but just had this gritty realism that cant be found anywhere. The best looking console games ever created this gen are definitely MGS4/Uncharted/KZ2/Gran Turismo5/Warhawk/Gears1.

Uncharted1 set a bar that was only surpassed by maybe MGS4. But even then, Uncharted still shines. It doesn't look like old tech, you can play it and it still hangs with KZ2, especially the lighting. It makes unreal engine titles look vastly dated though.


Hydro, lol. no man.. just no. Crysis looks so amazing you cant look directly at it, else it will blind u. Nothing is touching that except another PC engine.

FlameBaitGod3548d ago

PS3 is getting lots of exclusives games, its crazy xD. I feel bad for my wallet

- Ghost of Sparta -3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

There are so many good looking PS3 games coming (and released) that it's hard to say which one "sets the bar".

You guys should download this.

It's the leaked Uncharted 2 gameplay vid in 720p. Even the Ratchet & Clank teaser was running in real-time. If you pause it at 53 seconds you can see jaggies around his fingers.

MNicholas3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

the lighting and modeling of both character and environment look phenomenal. The range of colors is breath-taking. My one complaint is that there are moments when the animation isn't as smooth as it was in the previous game. However, given their track record the animation will be polished to a shine by release.

Given that the previous Uncharted has (easily) the best textures yet seen in a console game, the improved lighting and modeling should make this game look incredible. Will it be able to challenge Killzone 2 technically? I doubt it's anywhere near as ambitious (KZ2 simply does so many different things better than any other game) but in a few areas, such as texture quality and character models, it will almost certainly exceed Killzone 2.

ThanatosDMC3548d ago

Sony's 1st parties and 2nd parties are trying to out do each other.

SoapShoes3548d ago

I hope their new game is Twisted Metal! TWISTED METAL, PLEASE COME TO THE PS3 SOON!! Black was ahead of its time in graphics and it had great gameplay. I hope they can recaptivate the greatness of Black on the PS3, even if it's more cartoony like Head On.

Montrealien3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

but can it set the bar at full 1080p native running at a solid 60fps and absolutly zero draw-in? I doupt it, but it will still be a great looking game. It will be like Gears 1.5 in terms of graphical improvement.

SuperM3547d ago

uhm no... its Naughty Dog we are talking about here, show some respect.

Montrealien3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I have much respect for naughty dog, but I am also a realist.

And I have played every Naughty Dog game since Rings of Power, even though Way of the Warrior was my first Naughty Dog game, man I thught it was so bad ass with my bad ass 3D0.

I dont need you to tell me to have respect for one of the best devs of the last 20 years, but I also don't need to be hosed down because I am well aware that Uncharted 2 will not be leaps and bounds over Uncharted 1 in terms of graphics. And if you think it will, you are blinded by (enthusiast) eyes.

with that said, I also think Uncharted was one of the best looking games of last year, even better looking then gears that came out well over a year before. And I love them both, they are to amazing games, an I stand by my Uncharted 1.5 claim, and if it insults you, well, you are an (enthusiast).

Microsoft Xbox 3603547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )


Why do call out people and label them as a fanboy when they make the same claim about a 360 game? YET, you make that same claim to PS3 games and say "if it insults you, well, you are an (enthusiast)".

And you call yourself a true gamer. Yeah, a true game that only talks about fanboys on N4G 80% of the time. Look through your own post history, its clogged up with the fanboy topic discussion.

We know you hate fanboys, but it is getting to the point where you are becoming a fanboy yourself. So let me say, Welcome to the club.

Agent VX3547d ago

What an amateur hack of a blogger. First of all, nothing on a console can touch a PC game released over two years ago, and its name is "Crysis".

Crysis puts to shame anything on the consoles, including UC 2. At least the hack could of said "Best graphics on a Console".

That aside, UC2 is looking pretty good for a console game.

pain777pas3547d ago

From the looks of it right now KZ2 has serious competition and a women model in the game and knowing how this team masters animation I see this game as the future game to beat on consoles right now. GoW3 will give it a serious run and may surpass it at the last second but who knows. What a great argument for a PS3 owner?

pain777pas3547d ago

Eat, sleep and play can make whatever they want at this point because the bottom line is that the game is going to be very fun. Something some devs don't remember anymore.

Montrealien3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I have always stated I am a fanboy of video games and defend the nonsense the same way fanboys defend their nonsense, I have stated this many times.

I am not here to be on the sidelines and take it up the ***. I am here to confront it head on, and its a great fun timewaster for me every now and then. You would get a kick out of my PM box, me in the comments section is just half of this insanity.

And it is not my fault that PS3 (enthusiasts) are more rampant around here and it is clear that I have a grown greater disslike for them based on private message situations. However I also love my PS3 to death an enjoy good games on all consoles. If you dnt like me, just put me on ignore, I am rather used to it at this point.

Microsoft Xbox 3603547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )


Isn't it obvious they're talking about the consoles only? You don't have to bring up the PC all the damn time because news flash, WE ALL know PC is and always will be superior in the graphics department. But putting the PC aside, UC2 does look like one incredible looking game for a console.


You should see my PM inbox. All I can do is laugh.

And... No I won't put you on ignore. Why would I? I'm just here for sh*ts and giggles.

Montrealien3547d ago

(I'm just here for sh*ts and giggles. )

Then I will also, welcome you to the club. ;D

onijutsu3547d ago

No love for heavyrain?

i mean that is also a very good game graphically, it kinda has fallen under the radar hasn't it...

Flewid6383547d ago

Yes we have. There was a full-blown in-game trailer showing gameplay. Where you walk into the "crime-scene" house, then get attacked by the fat-dude.

Ju3547d ago

Know what, I'll add Insomniac to hat list. First I think even R2 can be part of that (go laugh at me). But there is no game out there with character models that big, worlds that large and 64 players online with the amount of particles flying around without any slowdown.

And based on that tech we will see Ratchet & Clank ACIT later this year. You can imagine what that'll do.

IcarusOne3547d ago

I've lost track of how many "bars" there've been in this generation.

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LukaX233548d ago

God Of War 3 isn't a Eat Sleep Play game. Eat Sleep Play hasn't even revealed what the game is yet.

swiftshot933548d ago

I said that we will see GOWIII this year AND eat sleep and play DID confirm that their new game will be announced this year through Jaffe. 2 separate things.

XxZxX3548d ago

eat sleep play with no work = can't get thing done. LOL


eagle213548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

PS3 is just amazing. :)

Montrealien3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

not being a brand wh*re and enjoying good games on any console they are made for is amazing. :)

jeseth3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Last I checked Uncharted 2 wasn't on any other console.

Give it up Montreal. You're trying to take the high road on everyone and you come off sounding self rightous.

Get over it. PS3 has better exclusives and a wider variety of big name franchises. That doesn't mean Xbox or Nintendo doesn't have great games. I personally love the Fable franchise and think its one of the best there is on any console. I bought a used 360 just for Fable 2.

Uncharted 2, however is a win for PS3 owners and PS3 owners only. There isn't a game out there (Other than MGS4 and KZ2) that looks this incredible with so much detail THROUGHOUT the entire screen.

I can't wait for Uncharted 2!

Montreafart3547d ago

Infamous, Uncharted, MGS, you name it and its there.

And lately, PS3 gets all the news and games.

Hmm, I smell some mighty montraulien BS again right now.

Its just a simple FACT that PS3 has all the games. MS GDC flopped like The Flopped and be damned DLC.

You can meanwhile sit here and act self righteous and talk it down everytime someone mentions this. But that doesnt mean we arent speaking about FACTS.

PS3 is the clear winner in the console war and 360s days are numbered. Enjoy your 360 while it gets dusted. Meanwhile the smart folks will be playing their PS3s. And you can then pretend how 360 is on equal footing with the PS3 and how much you love it. But that doesnt change the fact that PS3 gets all the Triple As.

I speak merely what Im seeing. And Im seeing, Infamous, Uncharted, GOW3, Heavy Rain, Yakyza 3, Valkyria Chronicles DLC, White knight chronicles, Fat Princess, and much more to grace my system.

PS3 wins, kid. Just deal with it.

heyheyhey3548d ago

hell yeah it will! :) that footage proved it.... Heavy Rain looks awesome too though

koston36473548d ago

yeah everyone is kinda counting heavy rain out since its been laying low but im sure its still gonna shock us visually and with its storytelling