GameStop GameDays List Revealed

Gamestop is having there annual Game Days sale which includes discounted games and accessories.

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The gaming GOD3545d ago

They have Valkyria Chronicle listed. I'd bag that if I didn't have it already

SoapShoes3545d ago

Is the list just showing games that will be on sale when it starts and not the prices they will be on the sale? Because 59.99 for Valkyria is standard pricing...

harrisk9543544d ago

Been wanting to get that game since it came out... now I have no reason not to buy it!

PS3istheshit3544d ago

i would probably get the mgs essentials bundle
i only played mgs4

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OhReginald3545d ago

i thought this was a sale? i dont get it....

matchgrade3544d ago

They said that the discounts haven't been applied yet. Those are the regular no-sale prices.

spunnups3545d ago

Valkyria Chronicles will be mine. I was going to wait until trophies.

SmokingMonkey3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

there will be (probably, i'm not 100% sure on any of this because it is subject to change. My info comes from previous Gamedays Sales.)

three to four bins

Full of brand new games, NO USED games count for the GD sale,

one 30%, one 40% and one 50% OFF and one bin full of PSP UMD movies for $4.99

as for what's in those bins i cannot say or confirm (nor do I know. lol)

TIP: there is a extra 10% off GAMEDAYSALE items coupon in the (BioShock2) Gameinformer

EDIT: basically what the link says

EDIT: @ PS3FAN i don't know if that list is 100% accurate they don't tell anybody, but i agree there are usually only 2 or 3 good games in GDSales, VC is looking good

@ SLIMCOUTIER i have no clue about GDsales being in canada, i don't even know if they do it in all the states either

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simcloutier3545d ago

Will the sale also be available in Canada?

M_Adkins3545d ago

weak list in my opinion. VC seems to be the only AAA game on there.

Cheeseknight283545d ago

Chrono Trigger DS was on there as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.