Next Thursday 'Killzone in 4-D' On The PlayStation Store

PS3-Sense writes: "A while ago when the U.S. Killzone 2 TV Commercial was shown on the official PlayStation Blog, it was also the project 'Killzone in 4-D' announced. This project is part of the powerful Killzone 2 engine called "Deferred Rendering Engine." With this project, there will be a playable demo out of the American TV Commercial of the engine reflects. You will then control the camera with comments by the director on how the production was completed with only the technology of the game."

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Blackmoses3461d ago

I actually want this. The commercial makes me wanna play the game even after I've finished playing it for 4 hours.

Zeus Lee3461d ago

So next Thursday is when we officially state Kutaragi was right all along,can't wait.

heyheyhey3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Kutaragi has been right since launch man, with Motorstorm

the idiot bots made their silly jokes, unaware of what 4D actually is and that Motorstorm has been doing 4D since launch... hell freaking PS2 did 4D

uie4rhig3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

sony gonna introduce time travel to gamers lololol

3460d ago
PS3istheshit3460d ago

im gona go play killzone 2 right now
i havent played that for a week
damn im gonna get [email protected] for a while
and this 4-D thing is awesome
i dont know what it is but it sounds exciting
but if its greasy then imma have to cut yo balls mang

Software_Lover3460d ago

"The new microprocessor will allow users to handle nearly 50 times more 3-D image data compared with Sega Enterprises Ltd.'s (7964) Dreamcast game console. It will also let users produce game characters comparable in image quality to Walt Disney's Toy Story.

SL1M DADDY3460d ago

Are there a few Xbox fanboys that seem to be upset at the slick titles coming to the PS3 this year? People need to stop getting upset that Sony is having a great year in terms of new releases and just go buy a PS3 and enjoy.

TheDude2dot03460d ago

Wait... Sony is selling 4-d on the PS Store?


MakoXL3460d ago

My boombox in 1991 was 4D.

SiLeNt KNighT3460d ago

a '40' of Old English, a bong rip and Kz2... its kinda hard to beat that. throw in Jessica Alba and life is perfect.

trikster403460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Lol, I was reading that article you linked to and found this SO funny:

"Numerous game developers have complained that market leader Sony made its new PlayStation 2 console so difficult to program that current games harness only a fraction of its power."

I think I have heard that recently...Silly devs, complain one year and then the possibilities begin....

@1.5 - Difference there is that Microsoft actually SAID it while Sony never did, those words were put there by the journalist

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mandf3461d ago

The Tides have turned for good. Ponder it for a moment. The little bell hit yet?

Tidus113461d ago

Yea I thought this was suppose to have came out closer to launch... Oh well i still am going to check it out.

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