GameSpot: GDC 2009: Elemental: War of Magic Preview - New Details

GameSpot writes: "When asked about the future plans for this game, Wardell admitted he was uncertain as to whether Elemental would grow by way of full-on $30 expansion packs, or through "microexpansions," which Stardock has released for Sins of a Solar Empire. A larger expansion, explains Wardell, will take longer to make and keep players waiting, but microexpansions don't seem well understood by customers and press just yet, either. When asked about future plans for Stardock and GalCiv, the strategy series that put the studio on the map, he wasn't shy about admitting that the studio would probably "end up doing a GalCiv 3," most likely using the totally revamped technology that powers Elemental, which has new tech, like an enhanced particle effects engine. Wardell also excitedly shared that the feature he'd most like to add to a GalCiv 3 would be tactical space combat, but for now, the team's efforts are focused on Elemental, which continues to look promising with its offer of epic fantasy strategy and beautiful illustrated graphics. Sadly, we won't be able to actually play Elemental until next year".

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