Euro Video Game Releases Week Beginning 29/03/09

Here's the Euro releases for this week, the big release for this week is the Nintendo DSi. Expect these to fly off the shelves like hot cakes as all Nintendo products usually do. Other Highlights included the Godfather II and Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

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resistance1003549d ago

One of those DSi's will be mine =D

SpoonyRedMage3549d ago

And one shall be mine, I wonder how Echoes of Time will look on the bigger screen.

I may get Valkyrie Profile as well(if I have enough money). I thought Square Enix were releasing Disgaea DS this week as well, apparently not.

SupaNoodles3549d ago

Will be interesting to see how many they sell, as there's always such a high demand for Nintendo products. The people at Nintendo must be swimming in money.

kewlkat0073549d ago

.....Nintendo Probably have already made their money back and what a trick it was, to release the Gamecube 2.0. Can't blame them though, they pulled a rabbit...

SpoonyRedMage3549d ago

Apparently their profits last year were 10 Billion Dollars(I presume) so yer Nintendo=Rich.

Hopefully a lot of that money will go to R&D for their next console so they can have good power as well as the funky controls and stuff at a relatively decent price. I think the Wii is overpriced though.