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The Conduit GDC Walkthrough/Fan Support

The latest biuld of The Conduit (upcoming Wii-exclusive first-person-shooter) was shown off at GDC recently. One of the games developers walked through the titles never before seen first level. The video shows off the short cinematics, customization, weaponry, AI, and of course the gameplay.

The video was posted on The Conduit Information Center. One of a couple fansites for the game. Could this showing of fan support be a sign of a huge hit? The Information Center itself has nearly 350 members and over 20,000 forum posts (most of this success is due to huge developer support of the site including exclusive images and interviews.) Or, will this game flop like most other hardcore Wii games no matter how good it actually is?

One thing is for certain, The Conduit is a game many hardcore Wii gamers will be looking forward to this summer. Lets just hope its not just for the graphics. (The Conduit, Wii)

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xabmol  +   2287d ago
Fully customizable controls

*stares bitterly at every other Dev out there*
Seferoth75  +   2286d ago
Not only the controls but the Hud as well. This game will probably end up being really good because they seem just so focused on fixing every little detail
xabmol  +   2286d ago
I know Dude! It's awesome!
The fact that you can adjust the "Dead Zone" is awesome as well. I almost want to buy this game even though I don't have a Wii. lol
GVON  +   2286d ago
It's looking great,if the online works well I'll definitely get it.
Product  +   2286d ago
i feel the deadzone is the biggest custom control feature in the game.....all we need now is a 180 button lol.
ChickeyCantor  +   2286d ago
I think there is a 180 turn function...
Look at the video again when he changes the control layout.
phantomexe  +   2286d ago
yea this game looks great
Product  +   2286d ago
im really hoping the single player campaign is good........most devs are forgetting this and spending more time with online.
TheColbertinator  +   2286d ago
"Or, will this game flop like most other hardcore Wii games no matter how good it actually is?"

A game that is rated is good is considered a flop? Silly me I thought Wii Music was an average game
BrotherNick  +   2286d ago
Very average *does a flailing drum beat*
scissor_runner  +   2286d ago
Not sure if you guys have seen the latest airport map. It has a high amount of detail and graphical polish to it. Now if you could push the boxes and other things other developer would have sh!t their pants!

The game is going scary well. The PS3 and xbox 360 development is helping them up their game it seems. Doing Wii size textures and effects must actually be fun now. On top of it all they have absolutely no competition on the Wii. No matter if millions buy this game this is a trophy game for them. They deserve it too.
nintendohomie  +   2285d ago
looking good here.....buying this

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