IGN: Fight Night Round 4 Heavyweights Revealed

Fight Night Round 4 touts itself as having the largest stable of quality boxers ever seen in a videogame. Now IGN has a small bit of proof for that claim with their reveal of seven out of the eight heavyweight boxers available. These massive mounds of muscle can take a beating and deal one out just as well with their more than 200 pound frames. Here you'll find the names, a quick statistical breakdown of each boxer, as well as screens of the bruisers in the ring.

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Nikkelz3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

they need to put pretty boy floyd in there for real,as a matter of fact they need to put every boxer that has basically made a name for themselves in this game....and be ready to patch in some upcoming stars.....all of this "fight night" with out the favorites and arguable pound for pounders is a slap in the face to the fans of the series.

peace and game on

Sabre_G3546d ago

No Holyfield?? Surprised by that, also no Klitschko brothers is a bit strange since they're owning the heavyweight division atm