Microsoft Title Conquers MMO Death Boredom?

This article looks at the way death penalties have been dealt with in MMO's and asks the question "is boredom the biggest punishment of all?"

It seems so counter intuitive to take a product that is designed solely for entertainment and deliberately insert episodes of horrible boredom that cannot be avoided by the player.

If so then maybe Section 8 has the right idea with its innovative reaction to character death.

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This title will be seen on Xbox 360 and PC only.

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michellejbuss3550d ago

I play games for enjoyment not to be punished with boredom.

HaloHead3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

It is one of my least favorite aspects of MMO's, arbitrary death punishment.

Megatron083549d ago

Without death pens you have no reason to fear death. In a normal game you just die and have to start from your last save/check point. MMO's have no saves or check point so they are forced to come out with other death pens.

Dont forget the 1st mmo were really designed to be like ad&d. You think mmo have bad death pens play ad&d.

Bioboy3549d ago

won't be surprised if those is another one of those titles destined for the Xbox that never even gets released

Coolrah3549d ago

Death penalty aint that big of a deal to me. Or then theres no reason to stay alive. Plus GW has the weakest penalty against dieing. You just get your stats weakened which is way better than losing gear. Anyway I wanna hear more stuff about this game because I see it not coming out till xbox 720...

HaloHead3549d ago

It is not so much the penalty that bothers me it is the boring crap that goes with getting alive again.

What makes you think the title is so far away? Some good stuff is being released about it now. It looks really awesome to me.

Chris3993549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Warcraft's are the worst and made solely to generate money/ subscription time through multiple "repair" bills. Everything in that game is a time-sink actually. The effort vs. the reward is all off balance.

HaloHead3549d ago

I used to play a bit of Wow. It never occurred to me that multiple repair bills generate subscription cash. How does that work?

XLiveGamer3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Section 8 game its coming for Xbox 360 soon but if i remember correctly its not a MMOFPS.

On PS3 its too soon to say so there is no PS3 release dated and they never mentioned PS3 console.

I hope that one day all FPS Multiplatform games in the future can be played online between all the consoles.

Chris3993549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

grind skills/ trades for cash > enter instance > die or have damaged equipment anyway > repair > (and repeat, ad infinitum) grind for skills/ trades/ cash > enter instance...

The common elemenent in each step of this process is TIME. Everything in WOW takes an inordinate amount of time. Grinding takes time, grouping for instances takes time, wiping in instances takes time, running back to the instance, heading to town to repair, etc.. Even flying from point A to B for the first 60 levels of the game takes an incredible amount of time.

The longer you play, the more money Blizzard generates off of your invested time. I gave up WOW a while ago (2nd time, and for good). There are much better MMOs out there, in terms of content and rewards - Guild Wars, Warhammer. So much of WOW is WAITING. Waiting to instance, waiting till you have enough money, waiting for the zeppelin to take you to Ogrimmar (unlike WAR, where you can fly zone to zone in the first hour of the game if you like).

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kwyjibo3549d ago

Section 8 is coming to PS3. It's an Unreal Engine game, so it should be multiplatform. The preview reveal in Edge 198 suggests that it's coming out across all platforms, has anyone said otherwise?

Section 8 is NOT an MMO, in any shape or form. It's a team based multiplayer game in the style of Battlefield.

The article has no substance, and is nothing but a link farm. 50% of the text are just links to wholly unrelated topics.

kwyjibo3549d ago

Does that look like a legitimate news/analysis website? Does it even look like a blog?

No, it's a cut+paste machine generated link spam website designed to clog up search engines. The text of the article was conjured up in minutes, with little thought.

Given that the submitters previous story approved was also from gpriceshop, I'd by wary of his behaviour.

HaloHead3549d ago

Nothing I have ever written has been cut and paste and if you are going to make libelous claims such as that then I am sure you will agree that you need to provide proof of your claim.

If things were factually incorrect then fine say so perhaps my research mislead me.

I make my living writing and your claims are a threat to that. I shall be inquiring as to how this site deals with libel.

kwyjibo3549d ago

Why is it then, that 50% of the text is just arbitrary advertising links to wholly unrelated websites?

HaloHead3549d ago

Gamespot does not seem to think it will be coming to PS3.

They may well be wrong but will you then accuse them of being a cut and paste machine?

hippo243549d ago

Yes because wikipedia is just ohh so reliable on these subjects.

The developers have stated about 3 or 4 times now that they are making it for the PC and Xbox only at the moment, but are open to the possibility of porting it. They even cited that it may be a timed release.

They only recently confirmed that it was coming to the Xbox, It was originally supposed to be a PC only game.

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