GameTrailers: Battlefield: Bad CO. 2 Exclusive Debut Trailer HD Video

GameTrailer writes: "Surgeon general's warning may apply in case of combat."

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EnViAbLe272590d ago

HD link sends me to terminator salvation trailer, looks really good too!!

- Ghost of Sparta -2590d ago

It's working now. Boring teaser but I'm sure the game itself will kick ass.

Hydrolex2590d ago

Battlefield BC graphics were good but so much tearing. looked like a 1950 colored movie

Blaze9292590d ago

I must say...that was one lame trailer -_-

JuJuRMJ2590d ago

I actually enjoyed Battlefield BC more so than Modern Warfare, I loved the vastness of the maps and the vehicles. If it is another great FPS, I will buy it.

CrippleH2590d ago

LMAO at the Sniper getting ran over.

squidyj2590d ago

Well... I get to take Bad Company onto my PC, so that's pretty cool, can't wait to see what that looks like.

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