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Submitted by Cyrus365 2438d ago | trailer

GameTrailers: Battlefield: Bad CO. 2 Exclusive Debut Trailer HD Video

GameTrailer writes: "Surgeon general's warning may apply in case of combat." (Battlefield: Bad Company 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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EnViAbLe27  +   2438d ago
HD link sends me to terminator salvation trailer, looks really good too!!
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2438d ago
It's working now. Boring teaser but I'm sure the game itself will kick ass.
Hydrolex  +   2438d ago
Airplanes in ?
Battlefield BC graphics were good but so much tearing. looked like a 1950 colored movie
Blaze929  +   2438d ago
I must say...that was one lame trailer -_-
JuJuRMJ  +   2438d ago
I actually enjoyed Battlefield BC more so than Modern Warfare, I loved the vastness of the maps and the vehicles. If it is another great FPS, I will buy it.
CrippleH  +   2438d ago
LMAO at the Sniper getting ran over.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2438d ago
SonySoldierEternaL  +   2438d ago

very constructive comment
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2437d ago
^^^^^ Hypocrite...hows that one.
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squidyj  +   2438d ago
Well... I get to take Bad Company onto my PC, so that's pretty cool, can't wait to see what that looks like.
socomnick  +   2438d ago
Battlefield Bad company is the worst game in the battlefield series, i dont understand why they would attempt to make another one. Its more of a battlefield lite than a real battlefield crappy game. Give us battlefield 3 dice not this crap.
Kulupoo  +   2438d ago
i dunno man, I really hate 2142...
In my opinion thats the worst BF in the series
But ya, Battlefield 3 would be nice =D
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bviperz  +   2438d ago
Should really bring out
Battlefield 3. And widescreen support for Battlefield 2.
Kulupoo  +   2438d ago
Ya, I cant wait for BF3, well in the mean time we can get BF 1943 during the summer, which is 1942 based on frostbite engine woooot~
Milky  +   2438d ago
Yeaaah boi !
Cant wait to pic this up. Cool trailer.
spvn  +   2438d ago
... This trailer was worse than the Modern Warfare 2 one.
Slinger420  +   2438d ago
Bad Company was ok but it lacked the realism from COD. The death animations are pathetic and there's no blood when you shoot someone, they just fold like paper. I did enjoy blowing stuff up before I sold it. We'll see, if it's a mature title, I'll probably buy it.
jivah  +   2438d ago
i can care less bout da realism in dis game...badcompany sucks ass n 2 will also..battlefield2+2142n were da best ones n still are..i got mah hands on badcompany n was not impressed at all..da controls n jus evrything..n da knife..i aint have a knife before n da game was perfect y put one now..jus cuz cod4 got a didnt feel like a battlefield game 2 me...imo 4 battlefield3 dey shud bring back da same gameplay feel it had..cuz i aintt buyin dis crap
Monkey521  +   2438d ago
@ jivah
Can you translate that to english?
nightfallfilms  +   2438d ago
Yeh throwing grenades from one side of the map to the other is so realistic in Call of Duty 4 MW Frag Fest
king dong  +   2438d ago
i love battlefield
but bad company has got the worst, most pathetic dedicated servers that i've ever had the displeasure of playing. although, it's not always the case. sometimes, it puts you into a decent server, but other times, it just throws you into any piece of rubbish server, that has people bouncing all over the place.

on modern combat, you could look at the servers, see their ping displayed, and even had the choice to open a new server should you want. i never played one game of modern combat with lag like i've encountered on this game....but bad company, no choice just get what your given. sometimes i have to join and leave 4 or 5 different servers just to find one thats working i hate getting shot when i'm 5 foot behind a brick wall coz of the awful lag.

i love bad company when i'm a decent server, but they really do need to change a couple of things aswell. the shotguns are enormously over-powered and need toning down a touch. and the snipers pistol can win a one-on-one against any weapon which is just absolutely ridiculous....dice need to make some changes.
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madpuppy  +   2438d ago
Bad Company is a fun game and I really enjoyed the theatrical presentation,
I know that there are players out there that play FPS war titles that get all serious like they are fighting a "real" war or some such nonsense. But, Bad Company is a game that really resonated with me because it's presentation was unique for a game of it's kind. Maybe it is because I am a Big movie person and the Action/comedy heist genre is such a classic movie plot from Kelly's hero's to Three Kings.
the humor was enjoyable and the characters were, for the most part likable.
If it makes the serious war FPS gamers feel better, think of Bad Company as a game not associated with the Battlefield series. ( I guess you would have to do that with BF: hero's as well)
micro_invader  +   2438d ago
Agreed, I actually enjoyed the chracters all the way through the game. They were actually kind of memorable. The humour, and the awesome action, and destructability made for a enjoyable (albeit short) SP.
jkhan  +   2438d ago
A bit disappointed by the CGI teaser, would have been better if they had shown some gameplay. Snow would be nice, lets see how the game turns out to be, the first Bad Company was awesome. Gamepro said it looks on par with Killzone 2, only time will tell.
sak500  +   2438d ago
I loved BF:BC and the 4 earlier iterations on the PC. I"m registerd with 5 games on my name tag in the game. Can't wait for either BF3 or BF:BC2.

Btw even though its cgi still better than the teaser IW showed of the MW2. I love their tongue in cheek humor of the trailers.
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DelbertGrady  +   2438d ago
That teaser was beautiful.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2438d ago
This is why I love Bad Company. I love the MP. Bubble for you sir for that post!!
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xabmol  +   2438d ago
Thanks for the bub
The best thing about Bad Co. for me was the humor. As long as they keep that up DICE will have my money.

I never even heard of DICE Till Bad Co. & Mirrors Edge. Now I can't wait to hear more from them. C'mon ME2.
zonetrooper5  +   2438d ago
I can't decide whether to get this on my 360 or PC, loved the first BF:BC.
wwedx  +   2438d ago
Plz tell me thers gonna be snow i always wanted to do a mission in snow or snipe in the snow
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Lygre  +   2438d ago
Snow be it
Here's a picture showing snow in BC2 =)
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commando34  +   2438d ago
very nice
That trailer was pretty cool, hopefully it still has its humor like in the first one that made it so funny and awesome. I feel bad though that it has to compete with MW 2, I personally liked it better.
Martini  +   2438d ago
Personally I thought the trailer was bad to the bone!
Jubo1  +   2438d ago
looks like they're going for a mature rating.
ALL_STAR_28  +   2438d ago
Well this imo Bad Company was one of the best shooters out.... IMO it blows COD4 out of the water.... Cant wait for the second which will hopefully fix some of the online bugs... Plus it looks like there is going to be blood and prone so that should be sick... :)
nightfallfilms  +   2438d ago
I agree ALL STAR 28
Blood and Prone will be very cool
genkis300  +   2438d ago
is this bf3?
Jubo1  +   2437d ago
nope Battlefield Bad co. 2
niuniu  +   2433d ago
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