GAME Cancels Midnight PS3 Launch

A UK reader mailed in to let us know that he received a call from GAME in London (Oxford Street) who told him that the midnight launch of the PS3 had been cancelled due to fears of people being robbed on their way home.

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MaximusPrime4291d ago

good move GAME. id rather get a playstation when kids are at school. my local GAME opens at 8am. i'll be getting it in the morning.

BrotherSic4291d ago

I agree, theres no need to open at midnight.

people have waited an extra 5 months, i am sure they can wait another 8 hours

PureGamer4291d ago

so ill be down there lol

DrWan4291d ago

Good luck and becareful guys, go with a group of friends if possible and try to walk in places with alots of people and avoid dark shady place. Carry credit card if possible, and not cash.

lilwingman4291d ago

I'd be carrying a crossbow. Snipe those robbers in the face.

SIX4290d ago

People will still be lined up WAY before that. It's all good if you have a pre order though.