G4TV GDC 09: Face Time With Reggie Fils-Aime

G4TV writes: "G4TV's Editor-In-Chief and X-Play co-host Adam Sessler caught up with Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime, and got some Face Time with the man himself, talking about the tough economic times we live in, Nintendo's message to fans and developers, and expanding on the keynote speech by Nintendo's President, Satoru Iwata."

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ChickeyCantor3399d ago

So basically E3 is the big thing for them this year...
Just hope they show more else they will shoot themselves in the in the balzz.

Well whatever it is, as long you bring(wether its at e3 or not) F-zero and Starfox and a new freaking kirby to the table i cant complain. But untill that time im not gonna hype myselve.

Unbiased13399d ago

Reggie is really nice guy i like him, but with all due respect this is what he said last year and than they showed Wii Music.
I really hope they have new Zelda for Wii, that would be great for Wii owners.

ChickeyCantor3399d ago

They will always say their things will be great, but this time around he is talking about traditional lets just wait and see..

FinalomegaS3399d ago

"it's coming"


Took longer than most expected but the goods are coming...

Let's see what E3 has in store for us...

TriforceLightning3399d ago

I always liked him.Now about what he said at last E3, it must have been true because I think the games he showcased did very well from a profit perspective.This years E3 has great things in store for Nintendo fans, one cannot ignore the overall buzz and Nintendo does seem posed to take advantage of it.The main corcerns of the hardcore have seemed to addressed.

Product3399d ago

everyone from Nintendo is saying this E3 will be big and it should be seeing as how 2 games i thought that were coming out before E3 have still not been shown since the Nintendo Conference back last year(wiisports resort and sin and punishment 2)

SinnedNogara3399d ago

Yeah, Reggie has always been a great guy, and certainly deserves the title "The Reggienator".

I hope that they show lots of hardcore stuff at E3. A new Star Fox, Metroid, Kirby, and F-Zero would be great (on the Wii). Just imagine F-Zero and Star Fox (and maybe Metroid) with online multiplayer (up to 16 players).