GDC 2009: Hideo Kojima Talks 'Metal Gear Solid Touch' and E3 at Apple Store

G4TV writes: "Closing out his first appearance at the 2009 Game Developers Conference, legendary game designer Hideo Kojima gave a near-secret talk to a limited number of fans and press at the flagship Apple Store in San Francisco. The topic? Metal Gear Solid Touch and his plans for the future.

Billy and I were on hand to listen to Mr. Kojima and snag some limited edition iPod Touch and iPhone cases with MGS4 artwork. When asked about the cryptic Raiden image from his keynote address, Kojima reiterated that he will be announcing his next project at this year's E3."

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Ps_alm3k3221d ago

now get ready to show ZOE3 at E3!!!
Get back to work now!!!!

cayal3221d ago

When is E3? Anyone know?

militant073221d ago

actually its First day of june

L-Teezy3221d ago

now that Raiden is back with his wife, do you think he has a real wang or some kind of functional cyborg pecker to lay the pipe with? if not, his wife has got to be pretty pissed, frustrated, and unhappy with her relationship, wich could lead to a divorce. maybe Kojima will touch base on that and fill us in with the next installment

xabmol3221d ago

You're like that dude from Mallrats wondering about the Things "thing" lol

Nikuma3221d ago

So I'm pretty sure that MGR is most likely his new project. I'm guessing the events that happened between MGS2 and MGS4 most likely showing what happened to his body/how be became a cyborg ninja and what he went through to save sunny.

militant073221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

i hope its a next generation game not Iphone/DS or PSP.