Why Gran Turismo Should Cross Over To The PC Platform

AutoGaming writes:

"Back in April of 2008, rumors spread that Gran Turismo 5: Prologue might have been made for the PC, at least for the Korean market. We are now ending the first quarter of 2009, and there is no PC version, so you can guess the results of those rumors.

Nonetheless, with the exponential growth in technology, wouldn't it actually be possible to port upcoming Gran Turismo titles to the PC platform? Here are a few reasons why I think it would actually make sense to have this title on the PC platform, alongside the PS3."

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gaminoz3550d ago

Why not...the PC crowd deserve some driving fun too!

Superfragilistic3550d ago

Because then Sony fans will have to follow their own logic on Mass Effect and claim Gran Turismo isn't "exclusive"! lol

Speed-Racer3550d ago

Yea thats what I thought as well...but who cares if its exclusive or not...the game has a better chance of making more money,...which means bigger budget...hence a better game...if they use it wisely

- Ghost of Sparta -3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Why not? Because they already have their own driving sim. It's called GTR. Look it up.

The Gran Turismo franchise has sold more copies than any other racing simulator in the world (more than 50 million) without help. Every console needs system selling exclusives like Gran Turismo. Get your own.

3550d ago
Aclay3550d ago

"Yea thats what I thought as well...but who cares if its exclusive or not...the game has a better chance of making more money"

Come on, Literally ANY game has a better chance of making more money if it was released on another platform such as the PC. Considering that EVERY Gran Turismo game has sold over 8 million copies, Gran Turismo 5 and every other GT game will sell well on the Playstation platform alone.

eagle213549d ago

Gran Turismo is a flagship for PlayStation. It's going to PSP after PS3. :)

Agent VX3549d ago

With the horrible sales of the PS3, I wouldn't doubt that they seriously have considered GT 5 to PC. And from the graphics of GT 5 Prologue, any recent PC would run this game easily.

I personally wouldn't buy this game for my PC anyway, this game belongs to the arcade crowd of console owners.

Marceles3549d ago

angriest comment of the year anyone?

UltimateIdiot9113549d ago

Big budget does not mean better game. If GT5 is made for 2 system, PD would have to divide their resources, developers and time which will result in cut of quality. And piracy is a huge thing which doesn't give PD and Sony enough of an incentive to develop on more systems. The end result will probably be a lost in profit.

I much rather it stays on the PS3, GT5P is great and GT5 will definitely be awesome.

RememberThe3573549d ago

Horrible sales? Where you saying that about the 360 last year? Because the PS3 is out selling the 360 when comparing lifespans...

MNicholas3549d ago

is over-priced and overhyped. It is nowhere near the Cell in performance for 3D gaming. If Polyphony Digital is using more than 2 SPUs they've already outstripped the i7's capability.

However, the i7 is much faster for running Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Excel, Outlook, and Solitaire.

SoapShoes3549d ago

Give me a ****ing break... It wouldn't be able to sell on PS3? Prologue sold darn well for when it was released and Gran Turismo 3 was released before the PS2 even had a big install base. That logic makes no sense whatsoever. GT5 will be released to a larger crowd than GT3.

krouse933549d ago

Then why when asked if it was coming out for the PS3 do they have no comment they say it is coming to PC and 360 they NEVER say it will not be released for the PS3.

Sarcasm3549d ago

Gran Turismo is the best selling franchise on the Playstation platform.

It doesn't need to be multiplatform.

ThanatosDMC3549d ago

What about the idea of Pirates? And there you go.

Superfragilistic3549d ago

Because that'd be Mass Effect 2!


gaffyh3549d ago

No. It won't go to PC because it's a first party Sony title. Also GT5:Prologue, "the demo", sold over 2.5 million hard copies (not including downloadable, which could make the total over 4 million). And that was over a year ago when the PS3 had a very very low install base compared to any other console.

And you guys doubt that GT5 will sell well?

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y0haN3549d ago

Sony'd never do that, it's a big PS title.. plain and simple. Besides, PC has got Race... woo go you :P

pain777pas3549d ago

Bluray is playing a huge role in PS3 exclusives that's why I love the PS3 because there is a huge opportunity to have really great games that even the PC can't run unless downloaded off the net or something. 25gig download or more for this game trust me. The demo was like 6gigs.

UnSelf3549d ago

why the pc should cross over to the Mac

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Immortal Kaim3550d ago

I say the more people who get to play it the better. Plus, isn't the PC renowned for its driving sims?

Speed-Racer3550d ago

Thats right mate. The top class racing sims are PC adding GT to the list would make the PC platform something very attractive to racing fans. It would be opening the GT market to serious simmers in return.


you can add the gt franchise to the LONG list of exclusives you guys wish would go multiplat

BenCrazy4243549d ago

Yes, but even a $5000 dollar computer would not be able to handle the graphics and the physics of gt5 like a $400 dollar ps3. Why would anyone want to buy it for the pc if you needed a supercomputer to run it?

shawnsl653549d ago

PC is best for FPS, MMORPG, and RTS games (Counterstrike, Starcraft, etc).... true story.

slinkey1233549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


Theres more power in a single graphics card i have in my PC than the entire PS3. Im pretty sure the 800 cores in my graphics card can handle GT5 :) and it only cost around $160. The ps3 is nothing special anymore. Obviously has brilliant games, but the hardware isnt anything special anymore.

Polyphony being the great developers they are, im sure it would run perfect on most PCs.

But still its never going to come out on PC, because it will be pirated to hell and back

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Aclay3550d ago

Regardless of why the writer wants Gran Turismo 5 to come out on the PC, the fact still remains: Playstation 1st party Exclusives like Gran Turismo DO NOT come out on any other platform, period.

Titles developed by SOE like The Agency and DC Online Universe are the only Sony titles that'll come out on both the PS3 and PC, other than that, Sony is doing the right thing by keeping their 1st party titles only on Playstation.

Sure, more people could get to play the game if it was released on the PC, but then they wouldn't have to buy a PS3 to play the game, and that's the whole point of having a 1st party exclusive because if people want to buy it, they have to buy the console it's on. If PC Gamers want Gran Turismo bad enough, they'll just have to buy a PS3.

Sarcasm3549d ago


That's the benefit of 1st party developed games.

Exclusive actually means. Exclusive.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3549d ago

Lol, I think a lot of people don't realize this and I think the only reason why The Agency and DC Online is on the PC (or Macs) because they're persistent online games. Persistent online games are generally on the PC like Ever Quest that was made for the PlayStation 2 and PC.

It's like making a fighting game on the for the PC/Mac platforms.

shadow-sentinel3550d ago

Wishful thinking ftmfw! It surprises me even more to see a PC gamer to want a console game. O.O

Gran Turismo only on Sony platforms. :)

DNAgent3549d ago

The article should be titled "Why PC Gamers Should Buy A PS3".

eagle213549d ago

"Is it Fair PS3 Gets So Many AAA Games?"