Huxley is one part MMO, one part FPS (Destructoid Preview)

A long time ago, Electronic Gaming Monthly had a giant cover story on a game called Huxley. The main thing Destructoid took away from EGM's preview was that Huxley was going to be the first MMOFPS and have 100 vs 100 battles. Shortly after that cover story, Huxley dropped off the radar more or less.

Destructoid finally got to see Huxley in action yesterday and was happy with what they saw, although a little disappointed. At best, it's going to be a 32 vs 32 game for the time being, far from the 100 vs 100 matches that was hyped in EGM.

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Jager3546d ago

lol... Huxely isnt the first MMOFPS.... Europe online or whatever it is called has a 5000vs5000 (or 2500vs2500) per sever...

ASSASSYN 36o3545d ago

Launches later this they said last year and the year before that.

rogimusprime3545d ago

you got a disagree assassyn.... I literally saw this game on G4 previewed early in 2007.....and still nothing.

thor3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

How is this now an MMO when it supports the same amount of players as Battlefield or Resistance 2?

Edit NVM I see that it supports more players in the hub world. Still, 32 vs 32 is a far cry from what was promised.

SL1M DADDY3545d ago

The Huxley we were led to believe was coming is no longer. Now we just have another shooter, with a twist.

"Huxley is one part MMO, one part FPS" - and two parts vaporware. The original Huxley that is.

blackpanther253545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

they promised like huge a$$ battles, giant clan wars, and etc
but webzen has lost a lot of their money and they stalled all their MMOs and decided to work on huxley so that they could make some money back. So don't expect a really good game, because they are more focused on making a quick buck.

ThanatosDMC3545d ago

So who were sporting Huxley as the god of all FPS back then? If it's gonna play like UT, then no.

Acidicpack3545d ago

I thought that this game got canceled. I guess I was wrong. Well at least it good to hear that there still working on this game. i find it interesting that there trying to blend an MMO with fast pace FPS combat.

Any of you all know when its going to release?

blackpanther253545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

canceled. They threw out the old build and decided to do the whole thing all over again.

REALgamer3545d ago

For the previous comments, it's 32v32 in fight mode only. In the city it's up to 5000 per server. Basically when you enter first-person battle mode it's limited to 32 v 32. After all, they need some sort of limit to keep the first-person shooting flowing without too much lag.

I guess you can compare it to the limits on most MMOs - eg: you can't do a raid in WoW with every person in the server, it's limited to a set maximum.

I've been interested in this game since it was first announced back in 2006 or 2006. Good to see it's finally nearing completion.

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