Home finally living up to Expectations?

Scruffy from PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "Sony's PlayStation Home has been by far the biggest disappointment of this generation. Originally being marketed as an add on feature for what would be the great PlayStation Network experience over time, it was brought more into the spotlight and became a major part of what people believed Sony was promising. While the PSN has lived up to expectations and is a huge step up over the last generation, Home is another story."

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Genesis53369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Maybe it didn't live up to all the hype but is hardly the biggest disappointment of this generation. There has been other things that have disappointed a great deal more.

WildArmed3369d ago

I mean, they said it would do 'this and that' but it could do nothing when it came out.

Big deal, they are working on it, and it looks like a bright future 4 home. (3 new spaces each month? woooo!)
I'm not much of a Home user or fan, but where this is leading is getting interesting

whothedog3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

i think home is starting to get better, slowly but surly...and dont call me surly.

its somehow the biggest disappointment even though it will probably never be done making, new spaces, ideas, minigames, ect. So many good ideas can come of home but it depends on how they utilize it, and from what they are talking about and doing lately it seems they are in the right direction. I thought i would of lost all interest in Home by now but i still pop in every now and again. Time will tell, but for a FREE program i dont understand why people complain.

[email protected]

You fkin crazy man, you sound insane

I think you need to prove yourself right first

Breakfast3369d ago

As we all know, its a far cry from live. The ONE thing the ps3 is missing, that the 360 has, is a good online component. Home was supposed to bring that, and Lord knows that it didnt. Infact it stole the development time and money, that couldve easily went to adding simple things, like private chat and game invites.

Besides MGS4 :) id definitely call it the biggest disappointment this generation. Its just a big waste of everyones time.

Disagree? Prove me wrong.

GrammarPolice3369d ago

No need, you've proven yourself wrong.

GrandTheftZamboni3369d ago


Aren't Home avatars better? They are 3D, they move, you don't have to use them if you choose not to. That's a step up. No?

Game invites work at least for Warhawk.

3369d ago
whothedog3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

did you play home when it first launched?
Most of those things you talked about happened months later after it launched. at the first 2-3 months there was not much to do other than walk around and talk to people, play the games in arcade and watch trailers.

All i was saying is that it had a slow start and starting to show good ideas

You dont have to get all irate and throw a hissy fit

and on some of your points.....

OOOo movie trailers... when i see a movie even if its old i will be happy

and most spaces except the main ones and a few 1st/3rd party spaces are not that exciting

[email protected] below now :)

Even though that has nothing to do with anything sure, not talking about people, talking about things going on in the world of home

EDIT for AGENTXvi whatever

Its sad that people like you exist :(

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Agent VX3369d ago

Home has bombed, and has been a massive failure. Very little so far has happened to even make it remotely interesting. Oh well, at least online is free.

HDgamer3369d ago

Mr. Fanboy home made more money that you will ever make in 5 reincarnations of your life. Stop being such a fanboy or just go back to the open zone. You're not a gamer just another fanboy pretending to be a gamer.

3369d ago
PSGamingInc3369d ago

It is easily the biggest disappointment for Sony this generation. And lets face it, Sony isn't exactly short in the disappointment department this go round going from complete domination in the industry to a laughable third.

Funny thing is, as bad as Home is it is made even worse by the very fans that will defend it to their and its death.

HDgamer3369d ago

If it failed why is it so populated each day? I'm sorry you must live in a delusional state of mind where as if it fails in your own eyes it means that the public and the people who use home are just tools but then again that doesn't make any sense.

3369d ago
Breakfast3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Still no one has proved me wrong on Home being the biggest disappointment this generation. 16 disagrees, and all you guys have said, is that i proved myself wrong. Which to be honest with you, makes little to no sense.

Let me remind you did nothing for the betterment of PSN. All it did was make a new venue for micro-transactions, and a new way for Sony to promote, and make money off ad revenue. The multiple years developing Home, couldve been used to make PSN a great counter to xbox a free cost!

No one benefits from Home, except for Sony, which is ok...but we still dont have cross game invites, and a party system.

SiLeNt KNighT3369d ago

I have a better idea Breakfast, why don't you tell us why it has failed? You didn't prove anything in any of your post. All you did was claim it was a failure, no valid points. Failure to me is a person that makes claims about something that they have never even played and loves a certain console so much they have to convince themselves how horrible something is they've never even tried. At least Home is something new and interesting, NXE is a lame Wii rip off.

Your name is kind of ironic. Ever read Green Eggs & Ham? Try it Sam I Am.

Omegasyde3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

I took your bait.

Reason : Xbox Live is more like a User Interface. Home is like a mini-game. I also disagreed with your comment, flattened your tires, and punched your dog in the face.

FYI Home development $$$$ should of been added to the Socom: Confrontation Budget. Thats the truth.

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dericb113369d ago

I will say they showing us signs of the right things Home needs.
Last night I tried the Guitar Hero Space. I will point out that I
never played the games and most like won't. Anyways I can say I really
enjoyed the space. They have a mini-game(Which is really fun) and
previews for the new one coming out. It has the back stage feel.

Next I tried the Rez Evil space. While unfinished it looks to add
some new things unseen in Home. Add those to the Warhawk, Farcry,
Red Bull, Etc. and you have a nice place to relax.

Lets not forget the upcoming EA Sports Complex which will be a
new standard for how Home space will be and you can see why Home is
nearly complete.

Thoreau3369d ago

you typed that mgs4 a disappointment? man, you must want to create a new account. i don't click on avatars that have one bubble. mgs4 has an awesome multi-player, and a solid story/game mode(no pun intended) with elite graphics. what is that sh!t you smoke, cause you can pass it over to me.

3369d ago
SlaughterMeister3369d ago

I wasn't disappointed because it sounded like a stupid idea in the first place.

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