Publishers show interest in Winter, game receives new build

Back in January, the secret dark Wii title that IGN had been hinting about for months was revealed. The only problem was that the game was then considered to be canceled. So what has changed since gamers last heard about Winter?

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Mahr3496d ago

Well, that's promising.

jay23496d ago

Time to hope for the best.

mastiffchild3496d ago

Winters a bit like Sadness sn't it? Both of them appear now and then but there's never a release date, any gameplay to watch and also they never even get fully explained..What I read is promising but it still seems like it's as far away from seeing the light of day as it ever was.

Not in DNF territory yet but along with Wardevil on PS3 and even Huxley on 360 you just don't ever get a feel for what the games gonna actually, or IF it does, be like when it arrives

ChickeyCantor3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

This game was canceld.
There was gameplay video.

Hence the title :Game receives new build.

Its nothing like the sadness hoax.